Friday, October 14, 2011

Less Known Fics

Hey everyone, I know this is posted late but here is this weeks Less known Fic Rec.  

The Peanut Butter Sandwich Man

Rated: M
One shot/ made into a two shot

Edward Cullen is a man of routines. When a homeless girl distracts him from said routine, Edward finds it is time for a change.

Okay this weeks Less Known Fic is a great little story. I read it awhile back and it stuck with me. The Peanut Butter Sandwich Man by Readingmama. I remember loving this story and it's a honor to bring it to you today.

 When the summary says Edward Cullen is a man of routines it's not kidding. He has everything in his life planned and timed down to the minute. From the 22 minutes to read the morning paper, or the 18 minutes to shower, or the 9 minute walk to work. Edward has everything planned out.  

Until one day on the way to work he notices a homeless girl. Feeling bad for the girl he gives her his peanut butter sandwich. For the first time ever Edward is late to work.

Edward placed his briefcase on the ground, unlatched the clips, and pulled out his lunch bag. He placed his offering in front of the girl's ratty sneakers.
"Thank you," a sweet voice replied to him.

 This becomes part of his daily routine. He would greet Bella every morning with a peanut butter sandwich ,cookies and some milk.
Without giving away to much of the story.With the winter coming Edward's worried about his new friend. He realizes he has a spare room he's not using.  He offer's the room to Bella.

"It's getting cold out," he said nervously and Bella couldn't help but wonder why.
"Yes, but it's not too bad yet." If there was one thing Bella didn't like, it was people feeling sorry for her.
"Uhm, so I live alone. And I have an extra room," Edward stammered. His usually calm and fluent tone was gone and it was making Bella uncomfortable. "Well, that is to say. I would like it if you came and stayed with me, in the evenings…so that you don't get cold."

Being a homeless person Bella has found it hard to trust people.
Will Bella trust Edward enough to accept his invitation? How will there friendship progress from there? Want to know more? Read The Peanut Butter Sandwich man.



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