Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Shot Tuesday

Hey everyone...its Tuesday so you know what that means...One Shot Tuesday! So with further ado we have a new reviewer with us today and she has picked an amazing one shot.  So sit back and relax and check this one shot out! 

Edward a farmer? Wait. And a rocket scientist? No, folks, I am not kidding. In this absolutely hysterical (and hot) one-shot, reporter Bella is sent to find out all she can about Edward and his seven-generation family farm. For Bella, this is the chance of a lifetime, a chance to break away from her fluff-filled future at The Chicago Observer.

Edward Cullen, a twenty-eight year old farmer, formerly employed by NASA, is home helping his family after his grandfather falls ill. While he’s enjoying the quiet life, he can’t help but miss the opportunity of a random roll in the hay.

Enter Bella.

"Hi, my name's Edward. Are you lost?" He was still chuckling a little under his breath.
I finally got my wits about me enough to answer him. "No, at least, I don't think so."
"You don't think so? Where do you think you are?"
I think he had decided that if he couldn't beat 'em it was best to join 'em, so he was acting as random as I was.
"I think I'm on the road to the Cullen Farm. Am I right?"... "And if not, just take me home with you." Please tell me I didn't say that last part out loud. My face grew hot again.
His eyes lit up and I began to wonder if I had said that last part out loud. "You're right, Little Lady, this road leads to the Cullen Farm."
"Oh, great. I ran out of gas. Is it too far to walk?"
He flashed me that killer smile and said, "Only a couple of miles. I'm heading there right now. I don't know if you heard me before, but my name is Edward Cullen. I live there. If you'll just get out, I'd be happy to take you home with me."
Then he winked at me.
This is an extremely well-written, fully researched, intelligent story that deserves attention. I found it by accident, and I am so glad I did.




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