Friday, October 14, 2011

Can't Walk Away from Friday

She's the swim instructor who teaches the Daddy and Baby Classes. Although he's a forbidden man, her attraction to the new daddy, Edward, is instantaneous. Can Bella drown her libido and maintain her professionalism?

This week it was a little difficult to pin a label on this story. Hmmm...."Can't Walk Away", or Made me Laugh". Although I laughed on many occasions during this story I would have to say label it as "Can't Walk Away". This is one of those story you keep checking your email for, hoping for an update. I am totally and happily hooked on this story. So this week I bring you this wonderfully humorous story by Bower-of-Bliss. Drowning , not waving is about a thirty year old Bella that teaches swim classes on the week-end.  She has enjoyed teaching the 6 and 7 years old kids for the last 18 months. One morning she is resigned to the Waterbabe class. She's not particularly happy about this change, but goes along with it.
It's not that I dislike teaching the Waterbabe classes… it's just that being around all those cute babies makes my thirty-year-old, soon to be shriveled up ovaries ache.

While singing a rousing rendition of "Rock-a-bye Your Bear", Bella notices a new addition to her babies and daddies class walk in.
Near the shallow end of the pool, the glass doors from the reception area open, and following behind Alice are two of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.

Of course the always gorgeous Edward Cullen walks in pushing the stroller of a darling 8 month ago little Emily. Also with Edward is what appears to be his wife Rose Cullen. Just remember folks looks can be deceiving. I have read up to chapter 63 and it is still unclear what Rose's relationship to Edward truly is. Of course Bella assumes that since they are both beautiful people and they both have the last name Cullen that are married. So she is in a constant battle of wills against "Libby". Who is Libby you ask? Well ladies is what Bella named her vagina . She named it and she has quite extensive conversations with it. That's actually where a lot of humor comes into play, because really whats funnier then a talking vagina.
Libby speaking
Staring at myself in the mirror as I tie my hair up into a messy bun, my bitter half, Libby, suddenly appears on my left shoulder. She is dressed as an old woman and is sitting in a rocking chair. She crochets colorful afghan blankets as she translates the meaning of Alice's words that are ricocheting around my head.
Blah-blah-blah…, Bella, we trust you to work with the daddies because you're old and sexually non-threatening, despite the fact you have been abstinent from sex for the past two years, Libby says, mocking Alice's tone.
"Involuntarily abstinent," I counter.
Whatever, girlfriend...
I should be concerned that my vagina has an inner voice and more importantly, that I'm talking back to her, but it's been happening a lot lately.
Bella finds herself drawn to Edward, but he's married and she must stay clear of him, but it's hard when he's always smiling at her or winking at her. Not to mention all the times she's bumped into outside of class and he's asked her to have coffee with him. Will Bella ever give Edward the chance to explain his situation. 
This story is a lot fun to read and even though it has 63 chapters it is fairly easy to catch up. It is a drabble fic so it updates a lot, so there's always something fun to look forward to at the end of the day. As always Read and review!!!



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