Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Twigasm NICU: Bring Me To My Knees

Isabella is lost and hurt, until a much older Edward discovers her and decides to take her in. She tries to get to know him but he won't allow it. When she decides she can't take the loneliness and decides to leave, will his heart thaw? AH

I have found a new story that is totally owning me right now.  "Bring Me To My Knees" by ObsceneQuiet has a very intriguing plot line and I am very excited to be bringing it to you.  The amount of detail the author uses in each chapter really sets the scenes in such a dynamic way.  The story opens to a homeless Bella and ObsceneQuiet lets us know that she has a not been homeless for very long but just long enough to have learned some of the ways of the street.  Bella has been walking for a very long time and stops to rest in the safest place she can find. 

While dozing, Bella is attacked but is saved by Mr. Masen who brings her to his hotel room to clean her up. Mr. Masen is older than your typical Edward and has issues in his past including a former wife.  Edward also has a butler who reminds me of Alfred from the "Batman" movies and I am not certain how much I like him just yet.  I struggled picking out the exact passage I wanted you to read without spoiling the plot line.  So what I have found for you is some interaction between Parsley, Isabella and Mr. Masen...

"A gentleman servant named Parsley sat annoyingly at one side of his bed, while Isabella sat on the other. The man refused to believe the story about her and Edward getting engaged, but nevertheless did not make the sweet girl leave. She was young, but he figured she was probably there at Mr. Masen's request, no doubt another of his "special" lady friends—though quite young indeed. After watching the young woman happily dance across the room with Mr. Masen's iPod in her ears, he decided it was time to fetch a cup of strong black coffee. He tucked Mr. Masen's covers snuggly under his chin before giving the woman a stern look and exiting the hospital room. Isabella stuck her tongue out at the old man, but continued to dance around the room, unaware of the patient stirring in his bed, staring through squinted eyes at the dancing flower on the back of her jeans, a sliver of olive skin visible above the waist line. His was vision haloed and confusing however tired he may have been though, Mr. Masen was a bright man and soon realized what he was looking at. "Did I buy you those clothes?" he asked with a scowl on his face; Isabella kept dancing, unaware of his conscious state, when a pillow hit her square in the backside, causing her to scream, a hand held to her mouth while her wide, brown eyes stared in dismay. Before he could repeat his inquiry, she threw herself at his body, clutching onto him for dear life."

 I hope that you enjoy this story as much as I do.  Please let this talented writed know you found her in the NICU at the Twigasm!


Thank you so much for recommending my story. Hugs.

This sounds like such a great story. I'm sad to see she pulled it from FFn, and while it's still on TWCS, she only has 3 chapters posted, and it's been forever since she updated. Sure hope she plans to come back and finish, cuz I've love to read it!


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