Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Less Known Fic (10-5-11)

Alright so its time for this weeks Less Known Fic rec.  I know it was a crazy long week last week but here we are again at it to bring you amazing fic recs.  So sit back and check this one out!

Never underestimate the appeal of a seventeen year old boy. Bella Swan is Emmett's mom and Edward's teacher. What happens when she crosses the line with her son's best friend? E&B, AH, OOC.

Wow. That’s what first crossed my mind when I found this. It’s when I give up finding a jewel that I actually come across one. Only ankle-deep in the prologue, I was immediately hooked. It’s hot, it’s forbidden, it’s everything I wanted to read. I’ve had my fair share of fics with older Bella, younger Edward but nothing, NOTHING like Cougar Town. And man, does she know her English vocabulary. She taught me words within a LEMON. 99.9% flawless grammar/spelling, words flow and their meaning enter your mind to blow it away - in the purest mind-blowing sense. I have just a thing to say: give it a chance, Bella is one hot momma.

Hope Hannigan



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