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Fic Rec...The Inevitable (9-13-2010)

Our first Fic Rec is for a story that I fell in love with right away.  The Inevitable  by Endlessly Drowning caught my attention right away.

Genre: Drama rated (T)
Length: 24 chapters including Epilogue
Updated: 5-7-08 (complete) 

Summary: It's been seventy five years since Edward left Bella in Forks.  Now the family has decided its time to return.  What will they find when they get there? And how will Edward deal with the pain.

When I read a story, I look for something different.  I'm tried of reading the same things over and over.  You know the kind...Edward comes back all is forgiven right away.

That's not how it goes in this fic.  In The Inevitable he doesn't come back right away, actually he doesn't come back for seventy years and when he finally does come back what he finds crushes him.  Actually it crushes the whole family.  It will actually devastate you as well, I know it did me.  I have to admit I was crying like a baby.

"It's probably best. If Edward had seen anything about her, I'm sure it only would have made things worse," Jasper murmured.

"Like it could be any worse," Rosalie said. "Seventy five years, and he's still the same as when he left her. Nothing has changed. How much worse could it have been?"

"Jasper's right. If he had seen me having visions of her, who knows what might have been." Alice kept walking around, peering side to side. "I really think she would have left though. Why would she have stayed? She was only here for him. And staying after he was gone…well, I just wanted to come and check."

"Hey, hang on," Emmett said, turning and jogging a little to the left. "Look…it's her dad."

They all walked over to Emmett, staring forward.

"Charles Swan, loving father, beloved police chief," Alice murmured. "Oh, poor Bella!" she exclaimed, gasping. "This was only about a year after we left! He was…fine. Healthy, fairly young still. Oh, poor Bella."

"No Alice. Poor Charlie," Jasper said grimly, standing a few feet to her left.

"What do you…" she began as she walked over to him. She followed his gaze. She stared, open mouthed, at the stone that sat before them. It was a long time before she could say anything. "No," she breathed. "Oh, no, no no. How…how is this…how could this…" she stammered, unable to finish a sentence.

"Bella," Emmett croaked.

The writer writes with such passion you can feel every word, every emotion as you read.  This story will draw you in and keep you there.  I read it in one sitting because I couldn't stop.  I needed to know what was going to happen to Edward in Forks High School.  I needed to know how he was going to cope in Forks again knowing all he had done to his love...his Bella.


Victoria getting to her, her last threads of some kind of life being torn away; and her changing. Because she knew something was going to happen and she wasn't going to die. Not die and be put in the ground at least. It had all been inevitable. She didn't even scream. She knew what was happening, and she didn't scream.

And then the thing she knew would happen did. There was no sound until the door burst open and loud growls echoed through the house. She remembered being let go of and falling to the floor. She remembered a lot of growling, and then shrieking. She remembered Sam grabbing her by the shoulders and screaming her name. She remembered looking at him with a blank stare. And she had mumbled Jacob's name. Then the screaming started. She cried out as the burning began, her body slowly being consumed by it. She remembered someone getting on the phone and calling Jacob, and it seemed like an eternity before he was standing over her, picking her up in his arms and crying out.

She remembered him running with her. She could hear him crying, and she was screaming in agony. She remembered running for a long time before being set on the ground. He laid her out flat and put his face close to hers. And he told her he would love her forever. He told her he was sorry he couldn't protect her. And she remembered choking out that she loved him before he disappeared forever.

I wish I could copy and paste the whole fic here. But instead I will beg you to go read it for yourself. Then come back and let us know what you thought about it as well.

Please check it out and leave the writer major love!




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