Friday, September 24, 2010

Whats Owning You...

Hey everyone, this is our first What's Owning You day! YEAH!!! 
Okay so this is what I'm looking for, I am looking for a fic that holds you in your spot every time you read it or a fic that you run to your computer just to see if its updated!  

So here are the two that have been rec'd by you all so far! 


For the Summer by Camoozle

This story was rec'd to us by Betsy B and this is what she had to say!

For the Summer is a cute Bella and Edward story in which their friendship develops during the summer. Each chapter of the story is written for each summer they spend together since they were 11-12 yrs old and subsequently to teenage years and so on. Bella lives on a river City with her dad and brother Emmett and Edward goes and visit with his dad every summer. What happens when best friends start developing other emotions and Bella awaits for his arrival every June, missing him and not knowing from him all year long as he has another life in Seattle.

The story has good character development and the plot grows slowly leaving you craving for more. I wish I could give more but Im not even half way through.

I Want It Painted Black by Saritadreaming

This Rec is brought to us by LoveEdward33

Firstly, this girl has mad skills. She juggles three very different stories at the same time, and they're all awesome! This one though, has me twisted up in knots.

It started out as a one shot for the darkella contest (which she won by the way! no surprise) but she decided to continue it into a full length story. It starts out with Bella having gone through some really bad stuff in her life and ends up filing for emancipation after Charlie is killed. She changes her name to Izzy Black. Then she proceeds to get involved in drugs, sex and you name it. Enter Edward and it all gets turned upside down. She has previous experience with a vampire and recognizes right off what Edward is. They do a dance around each other where he wants her and she tries to fight her growing feelings for him. Of course it's impossible to fight off and there is an intense push and pull between them. The lemons are incredibly HOT. Blistering hot. Her nickname for Edward is boyscout and she taunts him endlessly.

Enter James (the vamp she was involved in before) who marked her as his own and is now coming after her. Edward is determined to protect her at all costs. The wolfpack is also in the story and it's incredibly intense.

It's only 6 chapters in, but the chapters are long and you will forget everything around you while you read. Doesn't have nearly enough reviews in my opinion.



Alriglt ladies, I will be posting more of these every week so make sure you send me the info! 



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