Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's Up this Week on The Twigasm

Okay so this week is an exciting week here at The Twigasm...Lets see why! Make sure to check out the blog everyday, there is a fic of the day picked for you all every day as well as all these other activities!


Monday is a huge day on The Twigasm! The Grand Reveal...The actual opening and start of this blog! I am so excited to finally start this and get this up and running.  I hope you all get invovled and are excited too.  Please let us know what you want to see on the blog, tell us the fics you would like to see Rec'd.  We are here for both Readers and Writers!

Also, you will have till 9 P.M this day to get us your teasers, so we can have them all up on Tuesday Morning! Send them by using the link in the link box! You can send us as many as you would like, as long as the chapter isn't posted at the time that we post the teasers...I will be checking! You can send us up to 500 words! So tease away!

Another thing happening to day well two more things...a Story Review/Rec will be posted make sure you check it out as well...and an amazing Writer interview with one of my favoite Writers...I hope you all will read this interview and leave some comments and ask this writer some questions of your own.


Today is Teaser Tuesday! The teasers will be posted by 6 am in the morning.  Make sure you all check them out and leave these writers some love.  If you find a new story, drop us a comment and tell us what you thought. 


Today another story Review/Rec will be posted! I hope you all enjoy it and find a new story to read. 


Thursday will be name that fic day on the blog and the group on facebook...we will be posting several clips of fics and you can try to tell us what those fics are if you can...are you up to the challenge! The winner will be getting something very special from us at The Twigasm...something you can put on your blogs or your profiles!


Friday is Tell The Twigasm What is Owning You Day! So make sure you let us know what fic has you all tangled up in lust, want, makes you want to throw your computer...all of the above.  What fic can you not sleep at night thinking about or you can't sleep b/c you are reading!

So make sure you check out the blog everyday and have some fun with us!

~The Twigasm Chicks



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