Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Teaser Tuesday...

Hey everyone, are you all ready to be teased...Well I hope you are, so get a drink or food and sit down and get ready. 


Chapter 20 of Parachute by KitsuShel

The song slowed and came to a stop, but Edward's arms did not let her go. She gazed into his deep green eyes and fell into their depths. Emotions flicked across them that she couldn't quite comprehend. The song's beat soon turned deep and dark. A woman's soulful voice washed over them like silk.

"I was a heavy heart to carry
My beloved was weighed down
My arms around his neck
My fingers laced a crown"

As they continued to sway, Bella's fingers flexed through his hair as one of his hands pressed into the small of her back, bringing her close to him. His other hand worked it's way into her hair, at the base of her neck and lower his face to hers.

"I just want to try something," he whispered. "Stay very still."


Her face blanched for a second as her eyes flashed to mine. I knew why. I knew that she was wondering if I’d told him about the baby, and I shook my head as subtly as possible, silently letting her know that I hadn’t. Her eyes then flashed with anger and she directed her attention back to Edward. “You asshole!”

“Alice, stop,” I interrupted, and proceeded to tell her what I’d just disclosed to Edward.

“Oh, that motherfucking shady bastard!” she exclaimed, and Edward’s eyes widened at her colorful outburst. “If I’d have known that, I would’ve castrated that jerk a long fucking time ago!” I sat silent, letting her vent. “You didn’t have to…do what you did.” She pointed at Edward, who hung his head and ran his hands through the beautiful disaster that was his hair.

“Alice,” I warned, but she ignored me.

“But, HE put the bullet in the gun. Oh! What a fucker!” She threw her hands in the air. “You…” She looked at me pointedly, “are not going home tonight. You are staying with me.”

“But the kids…” I’d started, but was interrupted by her shrill tone.

“I’ll pick them up; damn it, Bella, you and the kids are not going back there tonight at least. Do not argue with me on this one.” I nodded, too exhausted to fight with her anymore.

“Okay,” I stated mechanically, “I’ll call the school.”

“Oh no.” She shook her head and smirked, leaving me confused. “You’re not calling the school.”

“But, they won’t let you just…”

“I know. Listen, I’ve been holding this in all day, but not anymore. First of all, Ang and I were going to go get some lunch. Are you guys hungry?” Edward shook his head silently and I just looked at her. So fucking typical that she would change the subject suddenly before dropping some bomb on me. “Are you sure?” She looked to me and I huffed.

“Yes, Alice, I’m sure! Now, what the hell are you doing?”

“Fine, then Ang and I will go have some lunch out…and you two can chill here for a while.” She raised her eyebrows at me and I glared. Like I was going to fucking have sex in Angela’s bed. God, she’s an idiot sometimes.

Edward cleared his throat as Angela giggled quietly behind Alice and my face caught fire. Good Lord, we’ve all lost our minds. I opened my mouth to berate her for yet again not answering me, as well as embarrassing the shit out of me in an epically inappropriate way. Then she spoke up.

“But first…I’m calling that prick and giving him a piece of my mind before I make him call the school and tell them the twins’ Auntie Alice will be picking them up day.”

“Oh, Alice, please don’t,” I whispered weakly and leaned into Edward.

“Alice, come on,” he said, forcing his protest, but the underlying tone he had was in total agreement with her.


Sorry everyone that is all we have today, but they were amazing!!! I hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did.   



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