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Weekly Story Rec/Review

Hey everyone, I am so sorry this is late this week.  But I started college this week and it's been a little crazy around here.  But anyway, this weeks story rec is Somewhere In Between by Kessiah.  I am absolutely in love with this story and can't stop reading. I have three tests to study for and don't want to stop lol. (click banner below to take you to the story)

Here is what the writer had to say about the story: 

A tragic accident separated Edward and Bella, forcing them down paths they never envisioned. What happens when they find themselves torn between having what they always wanted and honoring commitments made? AH, Rated M for language & lemons

I'll let you all see for yourselfs what I'm talking about, but here is a clip from the story itself...

Not slowing his movements, he began to plead, "Please, Bella, come…I love you, I just want to make you feel..."

Letting out an exaggerated, breathy moan, breathing in deeply as I attempted to center myself, I was suddenly assaulted with his scent–cloying, strong, overpowering. Not the one I craved. The dual sensation of smell and sound pulled me back. Moaning again, the sound of my voice seemed so foreign to me.


He continued to swirl his tongue furiously over me, my body beginning to shake as my earlier desire miraculously started to strengthen again. Maybe I wouldn't have to fake this–maybe I could feel the complete and maddening rush of pleasure right now, with him. Focus Bella, he loves you, he wants you... Humming out another moan against me, causing my body to arch into him, his tongue delved deeper, propelling me further.

Opening my eyes just a sliver and glancing over to the dresser, I avoided looking into his piercing eyes. Instead, my gaze automatically snapped toward the image in the silver frame, immediately picking it out: a flash of green. The memory was enough to send me over the edge, the constant reminder of another green, a deeper green. My eyes closed and I was engulfed, the feeling of being tossed headlong into a pool with waters of the deepest emerald causing my body to stiffen.

Harder and more intensely than ever before with him, I came. The smarter part of my brain screamed at me to keep my mouth shut, the reckless side of me paying it no mind. Struggling to quiet myself, taking deep, gasping breaths in an effort to steady myself and stop from crying out, I moaned long and low, the immensely enticing memory proving to be too much in the end.

"Oh god, y-y-yes, don't stop, please, E-Ed- oh! Don't stop..."

Head snapping up, eyes fierce as stared back at me, a look of hurt and anger twisted his normally handsome features into something scary and unknown.

He'd heard me.

Like I said amazing.  You so should check this out, trust me....

Here is a bit more...This story  I love the way the writer tells this story and the way she writes each point of view. 

This couldn't be real.

My foot tapped against the floor below me as I impatiently waited for the elevator. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around my body in an attempt to literally hold myself together. I struggled to take a few deep breaths in an effort to help clarify things, but found that I could hardly breathe. It was as if I were drowning.

The events that had taken place in just the last few hours muddled my thoughts, flashing through my mind in rapid succession: the anguished look on my husband's face as I drove away, the animosity I felt coming from him when I called out another man's name, and the devastation I saw on his face as he realized that I couldn't stay in our home with him when we found out that – I couldn't even form the words in my own thoughts.

Edward was alive.

It couldn't be real. Could it?

The quiet ping of the elevator alerted me to my surroundings. Everything felt so surreal. Each step I took toward our apartment, the same one that I'd shared with Edward, the place we had planned to start our lives in, awakened a time lost. Memories flooded my mind as my feet were cemented in the very spot I'd been standing in when I got the news that he was gone and never coming back to me. My eyes spanned the few steps remaining in the hallway as I pictured the walls of our home that became my refuge when I learned of the life growing inside me. The weight of my betrayal pressed down, smothering me, as I thought about my decision to move out in an attempt to start my life over with James.

Now it was the comforting place I would return to in order to wait for more news. My mind raced with countless worries and fears. He was coming back. What if it wasn't him? What if it was? What would I do?

What were we all going to do?

The silence that pressed down on me like a lead weight was broken as I slid the key in the lock and turned it. The familiar click sounded my homecoming, awakening every cell in my body, welcoming me back. Throwing my keys in the bowl on the table, a move I had done countless times, comforted me somehow.

I hope you all check this story out, I am hooked and I know you all will be also!



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