Friday, October 8, 2010

A Contest Annoucement!!!

Hey everyone, I have a annoucement to make about two contests....(you can click on the pics to take you to these contests as well)

One Contest is coming up and is going to be taking Entries on the 10th of this month till November 11th, this contest is called After Your Heart Stops Beating.  Its on and its a little different then all the other contests I've seen.  Its a Jacob Bella contest.  Here is the promt so you all can see what I mean...

*Prompt* (Taken from the movie Eclipse)
Bella-"You know I love you."
Jacob-"You know how much I wish it was enough."
Bella-"Should I come back?"
Jacob-"I need some time... but I'll always be waiting."
Bella- *laughs quietly and whispers* "Until my heart stops beating."
Jacob- *Pauses* "Maybe even then."
So mainly you will write about what if Jake did end up with Bella after she was changed.  Its a one shot contest and all the rules and guidelines are posted Here!

Make sure you all check this out, even if its just to read the entries when they are finished! This sounds so interesting to me.  I never even thought about how that would work out. I know one thing I don't think the pack would be too happy about it!  But that's my opinion whats yours?


FFFW profile page contest

Okay the other announcement I needed to make is that yesterday was the last day to add anything to your pages on FFFW profile page contest.  Good luck to any of you that are nominated!


I hope you all have a great day today! 
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The contest theme is 'Musical Cues'... pick a song, any song. Write a one-shot that brings that song to life in full-blown technicolor, or sepia tones or black and white. Just make us feel it.

You must provide a link to your song so readers can listen along while they read. This is a Twilight contest, but we are allowing Crossovers and/or your own original characters during this theme. At least one of the main characters of the one-shot must be from the Twi-Universe; the rest is up to your imagination and creativity.


Submission Dates: Entries will be accepted from November 15, 2010 until midnight EST on December 8, 2010. **The Deadline for use of our beta services is December 6, 2010.

Voting Dates: Voting will take place from December 13th through December 18, 2010, at which time the poll will be closed and the winner announced.

Here is our link:


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