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Less Known Fic (7/6/2011)

Okay kiddies. Are you ready for another fantabulous review?  This week I am recommending author newlovenewhate and her newest fic, mouse [sic]. She recently finished Sleep Talk, which has over 1,500 reviews. Her writing prose is excellent, so much that I fell in love and added her as one of my favorite authors, a total of three. 


Edward Cullen thinks Isabella Swan should grow a pair. Forever the asshole/Forever the victim. They collide, somehow.

The story mouse features an insecure, introverted Bella who is less than attractive in the eyes of one Edward Cullen, a.k.a the complete and total asshole; she is the doormat to his dirty boots. He is the epitome of an insensitive douche- the typical man-whore, narcissistic bully that you love to hate, yet you cannot stop reading in the hopes that he will possibly be redeemable. 
I may or may not have a girl crush on newlovenewhate because she brings about a breath of fresh unique air that I am always scrounging around the fandom to find. Newlovenewhate's author notes at the end of each chapter makes absolutely no sense and leaves you wondering where she comes up with such rhyming and reason. It makes my attraction...err, I mean my admiration for her that much stronger. 
Excerpt from Chapter One:

The emotion that evades me quite easily is that of sympathy.

And so as she bows her head for the umpteenth time of the day, I roll my eyes. Because before me lies a girl who has no real issues—just that exasperating dilemma of a huge lack in confidence.

The idea is that, a low self-esteem stems from former realities. Those often being; an abusive parent, a negligent childhood… a situation that somehow caused a tangible amount of trauma.

Maybe Isabella Swan got pissed on when she was little.

Her face is in constant brood mode. She's little and childlike, unsure of herself, and at our age it seemed all so unnecessary.

I wonder if this permanent state of pitiful will ever subside. For the ten years that I had known of her, Isabella had always been this weedy looking human—who in turn, had a personality to match.

When I was 11, I watched on in vague interest as she cried over being tripped up by Emmett McCarty. Emmett was a jerk, but that being said, he was a harmless one. Every time he took out some of his playfulness on her she would cry. It wasn't loud and attention grabbing, but it was evident.

Kids in our small town knew her to be a crier. She made herself an easy target.

In earlier times I had felt sorry for her, because it was always a messy sight to see a somewhat loner of a girl fend for herself against the taunting of her peers.

Especially when said-girl was weepy as Isabella.

In the end, my conclusion was that in a world full of people, Isabella was one of those who recessed to the back of the line by choice. The type of person that plays the victim because the thought of fighting back seemed too hard a feat.

Uh huh. See what I mean? Asshole. 
Keep in mind what I had stated in my last recommendation about reviews. Please do so at the end of each chapter. You are validating an author's efforts at providing you, the reader, with free entertainment. Enjoy! Until next time...



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