Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This Weeks One Shot Rec. 7-5-2011

Hey everyone...its Tuesday and you know what that means...One shot rec time!!! This rec is brought to you by our one shot guru... Taylowendy.

Take one sexually frustrated Bella Swan. Add the sexy, emerald eyes of Edward Cullen. Combine with a flirty striptease and a sturdy pool table. Rated M for language and magically delicious lemons. One-shot for the St. Patty's Day Countdown. AH.

I can use two words to describe Magically Delicious – EXPLOSIVELY HOT!

It had been one year – three hundred and sixty-five days – since Bella’s divorce has been finalized and the last time since she had an orgasm. With her “O” being “elusive”, Alice and Rosalie talk Bella into going to a bar to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. After receiving one of Alice’s famous makeover and several drinks later, Bella performs a provocative karaoke of “Buttons” for Edward and finds that elusive “O”.

A word of warning… you may need to talk a cold shower after reading this. This is one one-shot that I wish would be expanded. It is definitely a must read and is Magically Delicious!




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