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Teaser Sunday (7-17-11)

Hey everyone, its that day again!!! Sunday…the day we post those amazing teasers of yours.  So sit back and relax and get to reading…


Chapter 2 of Hidden Aria by Lady Ali

The pounding of my heart couldn’t hide the sound of the slamming metal door.  My heart was screaming at me to run after him to apologize but my legs wouldn’t move.  Sinking to the floor, the tears started to flood out of me, I cried, more than I ever cried over my parents dying. 

I cried for letting him go, I cried for him lying to me, I cried for the loneliness that was taking over me…I just cried. Endless sobs wrecked through me, sobs I couldn’t stop, not that I was even trying.
I laid there…I wasn’t even sure how long I laid there.  I couldn’t make myself get up no matter how many times I tried to talk myself into it, my body just wouldn’t listen to my pleas.  I had to do something though; I couldn’t stay on this floor forever. 

BANG BANG BANG…the loud thuds on the door pulled me out of my thoughts and pulled me up to my feet.  It was too much though, I wasn’t ready to hear his apologies to me.  So I just stood there waiting.  Waiting to see what he would do next…but there was nothing.  Whoever it was didn’t make another sound.  Not sure if they were still standing out there waiting like I was standing in here.  It didn’t take to long though for me to hear a voice from the other side.

                “Aria its me.  Let me in.  I just seen Sirius and he told me what happened.  We need to talk.”
Dumbledore always meant business and always got straight to the point with me.  So I knew I could talk to him.  I trusted him!

Slowly I walked over to the door and let him in not wanting to anger the one person that did teach me most of the magic I knew. 
   “Hey,” I didn’t really know what else to say to the man.  I just turned around and headed back into my place of solitude.  

He followed me all the way into my mother’s library and set down on a fluffy chair acting like nothing was wrong till I spoke.

                “Why are you here? He lied to me! “
                 “Yes he did and so did I, so why did you just let me in and push him out?”

The beast tamed a bit thriving in the fact he or we’d been Bella’s first, until Alice tackled Bella to the ground. The urge to rip her head off had me snarling and growling our displeasure of someone touching her. I flinched one muscle toward them when Jasper leapt on my back pinning me to the ground.

Pulling my head back by my hair, he demanded my attention. “Just watch. They’re not fighting.”

I looked back, groaning at the sight before me. Alice had flipped Bella over. She laid nestled between Bella’s legs palming her perfect, perky breasts. “Alice,” slipped from Bella’s rosy pout as she raked her hands through her hair, pulling Alice flush against the creamy flesh.

I woke to the gentle tug of fingers moving through the tangled curls of my hair. Snuggling into the warm body wrapped around mine, I murmured in appreciation, wincing when Jasper’s fingers caught on a stubborn snarl.  With a whispered sorry, he kissed my forehead. Eyes still closed, I moved my hand up to curl around his neck, contemplating drifting back off.  All thoughts of sleep fled, though, at the soft snick of a camera shutter. My eyes flew open with a groan to see Jasper holding his cell phone, tapping the keys with his free hand.

“Why on earth did you just take my picture?” Shocked, I tried to grab his phone, but he stretched his hand away, tightening his other arm around me to stop me from scrambling across his body. “Jazz! Please delete it, it has to be awful.”

“Not on your life. I promise, it isn’t revealing, just suggestive.” Trying to mollify me, he lifted his mouth to mine, taking possession of my lips in a soft kiss. “Besides, I needed a picture to go with your phone number.”

“But,” I shook my head, “couldn’t you take one when I look more human? At least let me take a shower so my hair isn’t a mess.”

“Nope, this is perfect.” He rolled me onto my back, moving over me and resting his weight on his elbows. I shivered when his mouth dropped to my neck, nipping at the sensitive skin at the curve of my shoulder. “Now,” he kissed my shoulder, “I can” his mouth moved to the skin under my jaw, “show people,” he slid his tongue to my ear, tugging the lobe between his teeth, “how hot” teasing kisses across my cheek to my mouth, “my girlfriend is.”


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