Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Classic Rec (Bonus Post)

Hey everyone, this is a bonus Classic Fic Rec...This is a post that was supposed to be for last week, but you get it today lol.  

This story is also on Twilighted. Found here

Womanizing Edward has been told to stay away from his band's new lead singer, Bella. But with their instant attraction and obvious chemistry, how can he adhere to that? OOC. AU-H. Rated M for naughty humor, intensely bad behavior, language, and sexing.

Edward’s band is in need of a new lead singer. His band mates, Jasper and Emmett, have enforced the “no dating OR sleeping with the lead singer” rule. Sworn to keep his promise to his friends, Edward is focused on not letting them down. However, when Jasper’s classmate, Bella, shows up for the audition, Edward finds himself in a predicament… he is in love with the new singer.

Have you ever seen those movies where a guy sees a girl and the world literally stops? Like, the wind is blowing through her hair and it floats gently around her shoulders surrounded by a halo of light? I swear to fucking god that just happened to me. My dick twitched uncomfortably against my jeans as I tried to straighten up a little more.

The girl was a goddess. Seriously. The sun filtered through the window basking her creamy skin with a luminous glow. Her dark mahogany hair curled over her shoulders, and she brushed them behind her shoulders as she walked confidently toward the center of the room. It was such a nice change from the pop-tarts we'd been auditioning all day. No combat boots for this girl. No, she was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. Who'd have thought that a girl could cover up so much skin and still be completely alluring.

Alluring, Cullen? What the fuck?

Shut up—let me enjoy the view.

My head it battling itself. Good to know I'm officially crazy.

Somewhere I heard someone calling my name and decided it was time to come out of my inner diatribe.


I looked up to see my angel in the arms of Jasper smiling sweetly. He lightly ran his hands down her back and brushed his lips to her cheek. I swear to god I saw red.
What? Cullen—you DON'T get jealous. It's all part of your aloof charm, remember? You don't even know this girl's name and you're ready to stake claim on her? Get a life.

I shook my head lightly only to be met with the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen. Our eyes locked for a second, but I must have looked deranged or something because she quickly averted eye contact and pulled out of Jasper's embrace.

"Edward….uh, Edward?"

Oh yeah—there was someone calling my name.

Focused once again, I looked up to see Jasper's questioning face calling my name.

"What?" I replied, annoyed. I was having a really hard time forgetting the picture of my girl wrapped around Jasper's waist.

"I'd like you to meet Bella." –and my angel had a name. Bella.
Wait…Bella? This was Jasper's Bella? Bella Swan…Finally the puzzle pieces clicked together.

Jasper had been trying to convince us for months to get rid of Tanya and replace her with this girl he met last semester at UW. Apparently, Jasper had a secret life going behind our backs. Without my or Emmett's knowledge, Jasper had auditioned for UW's senior musical, which last year was Guys and Dolls. Although he told us that he had performed in the show LONG after the show was finished (which I'm still pretty pissed about because, hell, I hadn't been able to mock him properly), he could not stop raving about the brunette beauty who played Sarah for all the months that followed. Apparently Bella was good at everything music related. Jasper thought she had the voice of an angel and that she could piss on stage and it'd still be magical. If I wasn't 100% convinced that Jasper was pining after Alice,

I'd be seriously pissed right now.

"Hi." And the world stopped again. Jasper was right, she DID have the voice of an angel. And I'm pretty sure that if she pissed her pants right now during her audition, I'd still worship the ground she walked on.

Houston, we have a problem.

A friend on one of my Facebook groups recommended this story to me and I am so glad that she did! Off Limits is one fun and enjoyable read that is loaded with a kick ass soundtrack. This fic is not too heavy on the angst but loaded on the light and fluffy. Lexie does a fabulous job on placing Edward and Bella in compromising situations forcing them to break down and admit their feeling for each other.

This is a definite must read classic!


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