Monday, July 11, 2011

One Shot Rec... brought to you by Taylowendy!

Hey everyone, its time for our One Shot Monday post! So Sit back and relax and check out this one shot...

On the eve of her birthday – for as long as she can remember – she's dreamed of him. But the dreams fade away in the morning light, as dreams are known to do…and Bella's not sure if the love of her life…is actually a figment of her imagination. AH.

This week’s One-Shot is a definite must read! TKegl, author of “Beyond Time”, delivers a powerful one shot that will have you crying out in frustration, sadness, and joy.

Every year on her birthday, Bella dreams about meeting Edward. As soon as she wakes up, she is left feeling like a part of her is missing. They both try hard to remember information about each other, like names and where they live, but as soon as the morning comes… all is lost. Bella finally confides in a friend and tells her about her yearly dream visits, she is convinced that she needs to move on and live in the “real world”. Will Bella finally move on and find that happiness with someone else? Or will she give fate a chance and keep looking for him?

Have you ever dreamt about someone who you have never met before and feel such a connection with that when you wake up, you wish the experience or the person was in fact true? I know I have… many times. “Stolen Moments” will bring out those memories and make you wish for those dreams to come true. Make sure you have a tissue handy while reading this one. A definite must read!



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