Monday, July 25, 2011

The Twigasm's Member of the Month (July)

Hey everybody! Thank you for joining us again for our Member of the Month special! This month's member is Mina Rivera!

Mina is currently following us in our Twigasm Facebook group, and in our Twigasm Facebook Forum. You'll often see her comment and "like" various posts.

Mina also writes for our fandom, and has donated several one-shots and outtakes to raise money for many different causes, such as; Fandom Fight the Floods, Fandom Fights the Tsunami, and Fandom For Sexual Assault Awareness. You can also find Mina on

We just wanted to take a moment to recognize an important member of our group(s) and let her know we appreciate her and all that she does.

Thanks Mina Rivera! :))



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