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Teaser Sunday (8-21-11)

Hey everyone...its Sunday so that means its Teaser time :) So here you go...


Hearing Edward’s name being uttered aloud brought him to his knees and even his unimpeachable skill of keeping his face impassive, perfected over a lifetime, couldn’t keep him from visibly flinching, as though he’d been hit by a bullet. Even after three years, the gaping wound that he carried within bled afresh.


My brother.

My assassin.

Carlisle hastily stood up and turned his back on Eleazar. He could feel the presence of impending tears in his eyes that he steadfastly refused to let escape past his lids. He couldn’t let his uncle see him like this. He couldn’t let anyone see him this broken.

No one in his office ever spoke of Edward in his presence; they never had any reason to do so. Isabella would never dare to either. Sometimes it was almost possible for him to imagine that Edward never existed. Most days he was able to cling to that illusion; most days he could go through a meeting or a merger without letting himself think about the past. But Eleazar had opened the floodgate with a single magic word, and he could feel the ground being washed away beneath his feet in the torrent of emotions and memories.


Chapter 2 of Something in Red by busymommy

Bella paid little attention to the rest of the conversation, her mind whirling at the implications of Ro’s words. With a non-committal answer, she hung up the phone, her nerves strung taut while she considered what she knew. Then, a burning anger set in. She’d be damned if she’d let someone from Jasper’s past ruin the future they were building together. She’d make certain Alice knew she’d lost her chance; she’d send her back to England with her tail between her legs. Grabbing her purse and phone, she snatched the contract of her desk, carrying it out to her assistant.

“Angela, here is the Madison contract. I’ve cleared my desk, and I will be at the Hales for the weekend. I have some things to take care of this afternoon, but if there is an emergency, you can reach me via my cell phone, okay?”

“Of course, Ms. Swan. I’m sure anything that comes in can wait until Monday. You have a nice weekend.” The attractive young woman responded, taking the papers Bella handed her.

With an agitated wave over her head to acknowledge Angela’s response, Bella stormed toward the elevator. Stepping inside, she slammed her hand against the old-fashioned button, her blood boiling at the thought of another woman coming between her and Jasper after she’d just gotten him back. Not gonna happen! She fumed to herself. No way in hell am I backing away from the only man I’ve ever loved. Walking out into the bright summer sun, she dragged her sunglasses out of her purse and shoved hem over her eyes, before debating her next move.


“Damn it Ben, that’s not fair. Let’s be honest, opportunity wasn’t exactly beating a path to my door. Hell, it didn’t even knock very often. I’m just not the guy women are looking for.” I gestured at myself, pointing out my obvious faults. “I’m a computer geek, right down to being color-blind and myopic.”

“Jazz, at the risk of having my own sexuality called into question, when the hell was the last time you looked, and I mean really looked, in a mirror?” When I tried to wave him off, he persisted. “No, I’m serious. Dude, you’re a good-looking guy. Add in your intelligence and bank account and really, there are few negatives.” He chuckled then, before continuing, “Even my own wife

“I…I…I just don’t know,” I stammered, still trying to absorb everything he’d said. Grasping for something to bolster my confidence, I repeated his words from earlier, “You really think she’s interested?”


Have you ever sliced your finger open deeply? Think about that pain, how did it feel?  Well take that pain and times it by a thousand…no wait that’s not enough multiply it by a million.  Yeah that’s better…but not really close enough.  This pain is a pain that is unimaginable by any mere human.  That’s the kind of pain this is.  It was unimaginable tortuous pain and I was swimming in it.  I was drowning in the dark burning flames that ravished my body.  The pain dragging me down into the bottomless pit I was in.  


Chapter 2 of Hidden Aria by Lady Ali 

“Aria it’s me.  Let me in.  I just seen Sirius and he told me what happened.  We need to talk.”

Dumbledore always meant business and always got straight to the point with me.  So I knew I could talk to him.  I trusted him!

Slowly I walked over to the door and let him in not wanting to anger the one person that did teach me most of the magic I knew. 
“Hey,” I didn’t really know what else to say to the man.  I just turned around and headed back into my place of solitude.  

He followed me all the way into my mother’s library and set down on a fluffy chair acting like nothing was wrong till I spoke.
“Why are you here? He lied to me! “
“Yes he did and so did I, so why did you just let me in and push him out?” 


Alright so that's the Teasers for today...I hope you enjoyed them and will check out these amazing stories if you haven't already! Have a great week!!




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