Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Shot Tuesday

Its Tuesday and what does that mean?? That's right its One Shot Tuesday!!

A wedding, a secret crush, and a little liquid courage. Bella's fantasy is about to come true. *Winner of Best use of Pic, in the Showers to Flowers Contest
Rated/Genre:           M – Romance
Characters:              Bella & Edward

(Picture Inspiration)
While trying to seek refuge from Alice’s wedding and Jasper’s brother, James, Bella finds a nice quiet, secluded spot to relax near a beautiful waterfall. Her quiet is soon interrupted when Edward, Alice’s brother and Bella’s long-time crush, approaches. Edward, who also is seeking refuge from the wedding like Bella, has also had a secret crush on Bella. As they share a bottle of wine, Bella and Edward reveal their feelings and love for one another.

It is quite evident why duhitsangie was the winner of “Best Use of Pic” in the Showers to Flowers contest with her entry, “Fantasy”.  Her story fits the image inspiration beautifully. If weddings turned out like this more often, I bet more people would attend them more often.  I know I would!



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