Friday, August 26, 2011

Can't Walk Away from Friday

Edward's the single father to an amazing little girl... with a hearing disability. "Imagine my surprise when she crouched down to Emma's level... and began signing with hands.

 Unable to rise to the challenge of raising a child with a hearing disability little Emma Cullen mother abandoned her. At the age of 24 Edward Cullen found himself alone raising a precious little girl alone.
Edward is overly protective of little Emma and very guarded of his own heart. People treat her differently because of her disability. 

I tried dating a few times, but it always ended in disaster. It was when I brought someone home with me to introduce her to Emma that everything went to hell. The date or girlfriend or whatever would start walking on eggshells around Emma, and simply shy away – no matter how many times I told them to just relax, because my girl is not only smart, but she's also easy going, and you don't need sign language to convey simple things. But yes, they shied away, which in turn made my girl believe people didn't like her.

Bella Swan is a 20 year old dance student. She was raised by a mother with a hearing disability, so she learned sign language at an early age.
A chance meeting in the grocery store sends their lives into a new direction.
"Edward," Rose smirked. "This is Bella. We work out together at Emmett's gym. And Bella, this is my brother, Edward."
I smiled, offered my hand. "Nice to meet you, Bella."
She smiled brightly and shook my hand as she replied, "Nice to meet you, too, Edward… I take it little Emma here's yours?"
"She is," I grinned, looking down at where Emma was watching us curiously.
That always tugged at me, to see her so curious about what she wasn't hearing.
Apparently Bella noticed as well, and when she spoke again, she signed at the same time. Once again shocking the hell out of me.
"She's an adorable little girl. Rose told me about her niece, but I'm afraid her words didn't do her justice," she smiled, winking at my girl.
Emma's face lit up like a Christmas tree, and it was for such a simple thing as being included.
"Thank you," I chuckled, still stunned.
"And Bella, you didn't tell me you could sign," Rose said.
"Guess it didn't come up," Bella shrugged. "But seriously, what do we talk about when we're on the treadmill, Rose?"
It was a pointed look that told me this was not for a brother's ears.
I was however disgustingly intrigued about Bella's part of those conversations.
"Alright, alright," Rose conceded with a chuckle. "So, how come you know then?" she asked curiously. And I had to say I was curious myself.
"My mother taught me," Bella replied softly. "She was born deaf," she added without signing.

Edward needs someone to look after Emma while he works. Bella is looking for a job. A match made in heaven, more than they ever know.
Bella is so good with little Emma.  Edward finds himself very attracted to her. He can't help but fall in love with her. Unfortunately Edward assumes Bella's not interested in him . Mistake after mistake ....will poor Edward get his act together before Bella walks away for good.
"Look, I know you have feelings for me, Edward, and after my recital, I'm sure you know I feel the same if not more, but I just… I'm done with this."
Fucking shit, this pain is unbelievably… painful.
"A part of me wish I could keep this little game going, but I can't. I can't deal with your mood changes anymore. It hurts me."
Uh… right… what?
"Um… mood changes?" I asked quietly, lifting my head to face her.
Still that blank expression.
She cocked an eyebrow at me then, silently asking me if I'm serious.
I am, because I have no fucking idea what she's talking about.

"It's a sign" is amazingly sweet story about about family, and the pitfalls of learning to open your heart and love again. CaroNo is a accomplished, skillful writer. I have enjoyed everything that I have had the pleasure of reading of Cara's . Read "It's a Sign" and leave CaroNo a review.



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