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Classic Fic Rec Monday

Its Monday...So you know what that means Classic Fic Rec Monday!!!

Lonely ER doc Edward Cullen goes online one night to relieve some 
tension, never expecting to find what was awaiting him. 
AH/possibly some OOC. Rated M for a reason.

Rated/Genre:           M - Romance
Status/Chapters:    Complete with 25 chapters.
Characters:              Edward & Bella

Working long and exhausting hours as the Chief ER Resident at the University of Chicago Medical Center is beginning to takes its toll on Edward Cullen. His last relationship with his live-in girlfriend, Tanya, ended months before he even knew that it was over and was confirmed via text. According to his friend, Emmett, he needs to get out, experience life, and get laid… repeatedly. Emmett’s advice may be well intended, but Edward does not like random “hook ups” and yearns for an intimate connection with a woman.

One night while working, Emmett slips a piece a paper to Edward with a website address to a cybersex website in hopes that Edward will relieve some of his tension. Edward at first thinks the idea is ridiculous and refuse’s the idea immediately. After taking a hot shower, Edward still has a difficult time trying to relax. Reluctantly, Edward signs on to the website, creates an account, and looks through the options that are available. As he is browsing the site, a chat window pops up on his computer. Edward begins to chat with the user, “BellaNova”, and is in complete shock with how quickly the conversation turns into one hot, steamy, online encounter.

My eyebrows rose as I slid my boxers back on and sat down. She was still being incredibly forward, even after the fact, and that was amazingly hot.
Grneyeddoc1981: so did I. you're amazing. I'd say we could go for round two, but I have to be back to the hospital in six hours.
BellaNova: what a shame. I could go all night. What time do you get off?
Grneyeddoc1981: 6… Chicago time… 18 hours from now
BellaNova: wanna meet again? I'm in LA, so 9 your time?
I pondered that for a moment. Did I really want to make a habit of this? Twice is hardly 'habit', my inner voice reminded me. And after six months, one more time will certainly not hurt at all.
Grneyeddoc1981: I'll be here

In Los Angeles, Bella Swan does not consider herself lonely. She is not like her friends, Alice and Rosalie, who are outgoing and self-confident. As a college student, she is dedicated to her studies and content with how her life is going. However, one night out with the girls, Bella finds herself the next morning sporting a hang-over and apparently has masturbated to a computer screen. Bella is in complete shock at what happened the night before and tries to remember what happened. 

Grneyeddoc1981: mmm I'll make you come even harder.
BellaNova: you promise?
Grneyeddoc1981: guarantee it.
What the hell is this? I shifted forward slightly in my chair to stand and my eyes widened more as I lowered them to my lap. Beyond my tank top, I was completely naked. I shot up quickly to run into my bedroom to put some pants on. There was no way that I had done what I was thinking right then. I did not do those things! I could barely even say the word 'sex' without laughing and blushing furiously. I would not talk to a total stranger about com … org … cli … that kind of stuff.
7:34 am, the clock in the corner of my screen read. My first class wasn't until ten; plenty of time to make my coffee, take my shower and will away any thoughts of what had not happen the previous night. It would be like none of it ever happened or so I would try to convince myself.
Nonetheless, as I walked out of my kitchen, my morbid curiosity got the better of me and I went back to the computer with coffee in hand. Maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought. People did that kind of thing all the time, right? Yea, if their name isn't Bella Swan. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before beginning to scroll up through the conversation. I gasped loudly as I reached the top and began to read. Not only did I initiate it, but…
BellaNova: yea… reeeeeeeeally horny tonight.
My head fell hard on the desk. This person must think I am a real pervert or something. I am absolutely never drinking again.
But once again, my eyes were drawn back to the screen. It was not me; there was no way it could have been me.
"I like scrubs?" I exclaimed loudly, slapping my hand over my mouth. And he kept talking to me? Well apparently, he had no problem with me being a pervert since he was one as well. Only perverted, lonely and/or ugly men went to those sites when they were desperate for a piece of ass. And knowing my luck, he was all of the above. And yet, was I much better? Not only had I evidently gone to this site last night, but talked to a complete stranger about how horny I was. And even instructed him on how to give himself a hand job! I lowered my head and ran my hand though my hair, feeling the flush spread to my cheeks at the thought.

Bella goes to class and attempts to distract herself from her thoughts about her late night encounter with Grneyeddoc1981. 15 minutes before she is supposed to be online, Bella attempts to talk herself out of meeting with her stranger but is unsuccessful. She log’s onto the site, notices that he is online, and nervously attempts to begin a conversation with Grneyeddoc1981.

Like the night before, the encounter between Bella and Edward turns into one hot, steamy, online encounter that leads into more than just one a one night thing. At first, they tried to label what they had as “exclusive internet lovers”. What they both don’t realize and even expect is that a relationship blooms between the two and they become more than “exclusive internet lovers”.

Written with alternating POV’s (Bella and Edward), “Late Night Encounters” is one addictive read! The connection between Bella and Edward is explosive. From their first interaction, you will find yourself hoping that things turns into more for the two. Like most long distance relationships, Bella and Edward encounter bumps along the way but they eventually work things out in the end.

This is a definite must read classic!



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