Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Less Known Fic Wednesdays.

Hey everyone, How is everyone doing this crazy day?? lol OKay down to business...we have a new Less Known Fic chick and she has a new one for you!! Everyone get ready for Rhonda's first rec here at The Twigasm!!! YEAH :)

Edward is the proprietor of Bran Castle in the heart of Romania. He carries a heavy burden which torments him. When Bella crosses paths with him will she be the one to help shoulder his grief, or will her presence only make it worse? M for lang/lemons.
I found this wonderful piece on Facebook of all places.  Being I am a lover and writer of fanfiction I belong to many groups.  Someone posted the link to this and I fell in love with it.  I am one that goes against Bella and Edward falling madly in love in the first few sentences.  I would rather the search for true love be a long winding road.  This story is not about the Cullens nor is it about what needs to be done or not done.  It is about Bella finding out the truth and after all that has happened her family.   There are only 3 other Cullens mentioned which are Jasper, Alice and Emmett.  Even in their minor roll they still bring themselves to the characters they are in the book.  

"Yeah! The pixie's harmless," Emmett finally piped up.
Rolling my head his direction, all I could say was "Really? Are YOU high Emmett?"
His face scrunched up in confusion.
Jasper snorted. "Oh yeah, one more thing," he stared at me pointedly.
I started snickering at the image in his head of what he was about to do. "Say it. Out loud so Emmett doesn't feel left out again."
Emmett grinned happily, pleased he was being included.
Raising his voice to a high pitch, Jasper said "She's absolutely perfect!" as he clasped his hands together, fluttering his eyelashes as his head tilted to the side.
Emmett and I guffawed at Jasper's imitation of his wife because he was spot on. The laughter felt good ripping from my chest as it was carried away into the night.

This short but erotic piece is worth taking the time to read.  It is only 18 chapters and I wish it had more.  It deserves more reviews than 300 and something it has received.  I hope you sit down take a few minutes and enjoy what texasbella has in store for her readers. 



I read this little gem this morning and really enjoyed it! Thanks for the rec, ladies!


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