Monday, August 15, 2011

Some Important Annoucements and Dates!

Hey everyone...Just a reminder of some really important dates coming up here at The Twigasm and some things we want you to know about!!!

The 17ththat is this Wednesday we will be having our Read Along night on Twitter and we might even have a group on Skype to discuss the amazing fic Boys of Fall by Cullen Confection.  Please join us and read this amazing fic. 
     Time: 8 PM EST. 

On twitter before you post any tweets make sure you add this #TTReadAlong to your tweets so everyone can see them. 

Teaser Sundays Teasers have to be sent in by Saturday night at 12 PM EST.  No later!!! Click link to send those in.,.. Here it is again just in case you missed it: Send in those Teasers

Vid Awards:  We have moved our dates for the Vid Awards back a month you now have till The First of September to send in those vids!!!! We haven’t gotten any in yet. : (

We are still looking for some staff here at The Twigasm, we have some amazing new ideas and really want to start them but we don’t have the staff at this time, so if you are reliable and would like to help out please let us knowFill out this form!!!

Also every Friday we have a Writers Circle chat on Skype if you would like to join in on that you are more than welcome just fill out this form and we will add you to our list!

We are still looking for a few guest reviewers also so if you would like to tell everyone about a story you love just fill out this form and tell us about it. 



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