Thursday, August 11, 2011

Less known FIc Wednesday (on Thursday lol)

Hey everyone, sorry this is being posted today...but here is this weeks less known fic rec for you, brought to you by our amazing Rhonda!

Edward is the proprietor of Bran Castle in the heart of Romania. He carries a heavy burden which torments him. When Bella crosses paths with him will she be the one to help shoulder his grief, or will her presence only make it worse? M for lang/lemons.
 Yes: 18 chapters

This is a short read but very well written.  It pairs Bella and Edward together but gives a different spin on each of their histories.  Bella has lost her parents (I won’t give away how as it is part of the story) and goes on to research different castles.  She comes upon Bran Castle where the story starts and ends in a way that it leaves you wanting more.  You want to know how their relationship ends even though the writer ends the story with a happy ending.  The other Cullen’s are briefly mentioned but they are not a big part of what the writer has in mind.  It would have been nice to see a sequel continuing from the ending to what happens next.  I am the type of reader that always wants more but some readers may be happy with what the writer leaves us at. 

Chapter 2 Reflections
“Sighing at the memory, I tugged at my hair in frustration at my very presence in the castle while the humans milled about downstairs. I needed to feed. Besides replacing the rope, as a secondary precaution I'd put the restriction upon myself to travel back into the mountains during these necessary weeks, removing myself from any chance of temptation. Knowing I had a week of uninhibited gorging coming, I always let my hunger build.”

If you are the type of fan that wants to read a fan fiction but not put too much time into it with the busy life one leads this is for you. 




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