Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Shot Tuesday...

Its Tuesday and you all know what that means... One Shot Rec day!!!

Edward finds out that his new girlfriend Bella, is an exotic dancer. Things might get pretty steamy in The Twilight Lounge. Rated M for sexually Explicit Content. E&B. A/H. Entry in the TLS Lyrics & Lemons Contest.
Rated/Genre:     M – Romance
Characters:         Bella & Edward

"She's still the same Bella that you've been talking to for three weeks. Just go and watch her dance and be supportive. She trusted you enough to invite you, so you should put on your Team Bella panties and jump on the ho train! … figuratively speaking…." He cleared his throat sensing that I was not amused.

Edward has been invited to see Bella perform in a show at the club, Twilight. Taking Jasper along as his wingman, Edward soon finds out that Bella will be performing at a gentlemen’s club. After securing their VIP bands to the lounge and secured drinks, Edward eagerly looks for Bella. The girls that were dancing leave the stage and the lights gone black, there is an announcement of the next dancer… Isabella. The music is playing loud and lights are twinkling everywhere as Bella takes to the stage. Edward is mesmerized by Bella’s presence on the stage and feels that she is dancing just for him. She leaves the stage and proceeds over to Edward and gives him the dance of his life.

This one-shot needs to come with the warning – EXPLOSIVELY HOT!  You may need to talk a cold shower after reading this. From the beginning you are immediately swept up into the excitement and mystery of seeing Bella and what she has planned for Edward. The action and flow of the story is quick and the story itself is enjoyable. This is one one-shot that I wish would be expanded because I’m curious to see what else they plan to do with Edward’s “sexpenders”. This is a definite must read!



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