Friday, September 2, 2011

Made me Cry Friday

His wife's journal. He shouldn't read it, but he can't help himself. 


This is a first for me. I've reviewed "Made me laugh" and "Can't walk away" over and over again, but never "Made me cry". I steer clear of the angst. I'm a total fluff and HEA girl. I mean really don't we have enough angst in our everyday real life that we don't  need to taint our little Fanfic fantasy bubble. The romance, the perfect man, how life is suppose to be. That's why I read it. For a few minutes while I'm reading everything is perfect. Last week my curiosity got the better of me, there were a couple of stories that looked really good, but they were angst.I decided to pull up the big girl panties and dive in head first. Although this story tore my heart open from the first paragraph I loved reading it.

The story starts out with Edward finding his wife's journal. For the last couple of years the marriage has been slowly deteriorating. Edward has always blamed Bella. She was  pulling away from him and nagging him. Edward decides to read the journal curious to find out whats happening from Bella's prospective. He was not prepared for what he found. Bella was seeing a therapist and has been prescribed antidepressant's. She is depressed and lonely and lost. He finds out that she knows about his affair. She has become trapped in hopeless and despair. She is in a downward spiral and even has had thoughts of suicide. He realizes that he has been selfish and neglectful of his marriage. He realizes he should have paid more attention. Maybe he could have prevented things getting so bad.

Out of irrational anger, he starts thinking, and almost believing, that she is solely the one to blame for his affair and her depression. It's her fault. She stopped talking to him, touching him, making an effort. In the back of his mind, he knew it wasn't just her. He knew he didn't make half the effort she had when they started drifting apart.

This story definitely deserves a tissue warning. The story is told from a third person's prospective, so it switches back and forth between Edward and Bella. I got so engrossed in this fic that I starting feeling their agony and deep hurt and pain these two are causing each other.

Looking at her closely, he takes in how fragile she looks and just how much his past actions have taken a toll on her. Even though she's not looking at him, he can still see every ounce of the heartache and sadness her eyes hold in them.
Gently, he brings her into him by wrapping his arms around her shoulders, whispering near her ear, "I'm sorry… I'm so sorry."
 I cried several times through this story, wondering if it was possible that they can ever find their way back to each other. You can feel the deep love they have for each other, but after everything that has happening is it possible to repair something so....broken? This story is a WIP ,so that question still remains to be seen.
Find a quiet spot and grab some tissues and read "The Journal".
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Oh, this story's been on my To Read List for a while, waiting for it to be complete. I, too, like fluff and HEA's, but every once in a while, I like to angst it up a little, and thi sounds perfect, though I can tell already I'll be crying my eyes out! I see it hasn't updated in a few months, so I'm really hoping she finishes it. I'm too afraid to start it and invest in such an emotional subject until I know it's going to be finished. Guess I've been burned too many times in the past. But as soon as it's complete, you can bet I'll be reading it. Thanks for another great rec, and happy anniversary. It's been a great year.

Debbie, Just thought you would like to know I spoke to MsEm last week. She assure's me that she will be finishing this story. She has had a busy summer with her kids. Now they're back and in school she will be writing again. We appreicate your comments here at The Twigasm. Stick with us, we have another great year in store.

Hey, Trish.
Thanks so much for letting me know that! I'm glad she's finishing it, though I know only too well how real life can get. I'm not a writer, but it sure interrupts my reading more than I'd like, but I guess my kids and hubby have to eat sometimes and wear clean clothes every once in a while, huh?!
And I'm definitely looking forward to what you come up with in the future. I always find great stories to read here.

By the way, out of curiosity, I just clicked on your profile and I see you're a fellow Libra! And I grew up in Michigan! What do ya know?!

Thanks so much for reading Debbie, I'm so glad your enjoying our posts here!!!

And thanks so much Trish for commenting and for all the work you do for the blog.


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