Sunday, September 11, 2011

Less Known Fic Wednesdays.

Life was going dandy for Bella and her mother, Renee, up until Renee's past came back and shot her in the knee. Now it's up to Bella and her two cohorts, Alice and Joanna, to get back at the bastard that took their mother away from them. Rated M

FPT presents us an unexpected Bella. She's tough as nails and deep into the... Hum... Massage business. The main trio, including Bella, Alice and Joanna (an OC who is NO MarySue thank you very much), is as mind-blowing as dynamite. The girls are also fun and witty. In a three-chapter lifespan, Moaners succeeded to create an endearing story with an intriguing plot. She saves the mystery keeping the men at bay at first, leaving the stage to her ladies. After reading the currently published chapters I have one thought: when can I have more of this?

 ~Hope Hannigan~



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