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Teaser Sunday (9/11/11)

Hey everyone...on this day that we will never forget...I was contemplating not posting this till tomorrow.  But I'm going to go ahead and post it for you.  I hope you all enjoy the teasers you find here and make sure you comment so we know you are reading. 


“What’s going on, Edward?” Bella asked.

“It’s a surprise,” I simply stated before returning my gaze out onto the moonlit water.

I felt more than I heard Bella grumble something under her breath. I glanced down at her expecting to see a pout gracing her face. Instead, Bella wore a brilliant smile and appeared genuinely excited about our alternate route.

As we rounded what I calculated to be the final bend, the beach at the back of our bungalow came into view. I stepped behind Bella and wrapped my arms around her slim waist. I lowered my head until my lips hovered just above her ear.

“Look ahead, love,” I whispered. Bella’s head turned forward and she gasped at what she saw.

A boy, who I guessed by his lack of clothing to be Quileute, ran into the room. I wondered which wolf he turned into.

Dark brown eyes danced with excitement. “Edward! We got him!”

“Calm down, Seth. You got who?”

“The vamp we’ve been tracking. Sam and Paul just snagged him. Sam told me to ask you to come and read the dude’s mind. He wants to know if he’s traveling alone.”

I wasn’t the only one who noticed Jasper twitch.

“Gladly,” Edward replied. “Just give me a minute.”

“Sure, sure. I’m gonna phase out front and let Sam know. I’ll wait for you out there, but hurry okay?” Seth was almost to the door when Edward stopped him.

“Seth, did Jacob go with Bella or is he still at La Push?”

The young man grinned. “Jake went with Bella and Nessie. He was all paranoid about the vamp and said he wanted to keep an eye on everyone. Probably just needed his Nessie fix.”

Edward low growl caused the boy to put up his hands. “I didn’t mean it like that, chill.”

“Thanks, Seth. I’ll be out in a minute.” When the door closed, Edward shifted his eyes back to Jasper. “Yes, you coming is a good idea, but you really should stay here.”

Listening to the exchange, I wasn’t sure if Edward was pulling rank or not. Jasper seemed unfazed.

“Interrogations are more of my specialty, don’t you think?”

Edward froze for three seconds before sharing with us. “Seth just phased. I can see the nomad through the pack mind. Sam’s eyes, I think. Blond hair, human drinker, muscular build, his chest is bare save for an open vest. He’s dressed like the one who killed Natalie and Bill. Jasper, he has more scars than the other one. I count at least twenty but can’t get a clear view.”

Chapter 14 of What we can Handle  by gemryan

 Bella asked quietly, "do you always get treated like that?" she almost didn't want to hear to answer.

Gianna looked at her and smiled, and said most confusingly, "I think of it as a compliment."

Bella looked at her dumbfounded. And Gianna, upon seeing Bella's face, continued, "If there is a god, I think it's a compliment. A compliment because he only gives us what we can handle. So I guess it's a twisted way of saying he thinks I'm strong."

Gianna stood up from the bed and took the washcloth from Bella's hand. She walked to the doors, and before she closed them she said,

"And I think he thinks you're strong too. Sleep well, Bella."


Chapter 10 of Music of the Heart by wmr1601

Knowing that James was spying on me was enough to turn my stomach.

Now, though, there’s no time to dwell on it. The hustle and bustle of the restaurant helps me to forget all about creepy stalker ex-husbands. From the moment I start work until two-thirty, when I take my lunch break, there’s no time for me to think about anything but work.

Sitting at the table, eating the sandwich I’d packed from home—and wishing I’m having leftovers from Wilf’s last night instead—I can’t keep the thoughts of James at bay. Before ten of my thirty minutes have passed, I’ve set my food down and am resting my arms on the table and my head on my arms. I can feel the tears beginning again, and I wish they wouldn’t. This has been one of the most emotional days of my life, and I’m ready for it to be over. I just want to have a normal life like all the other twenty-two year olds in the world. But because of a decision I made at eighteen, I know I’ll never have that normal life.


The familiar voice pulls me from my silent pity party. I hastily—and hopefully discreetly—dry my eyes on the sleeve of my waitress’ uniform and look up into the green eyes I’ve become so acquainted with. I swallow and offer up a greeting. “Hi, Edward.”

 Chapter 2 of One Night Alone by Layne Faire

Stopping just outside the crowded doorway, I took a deep breath, swallowing back the nervous lump in my throat, before entering the room. Inside, chaos reigned supreme. Bourbon Street at the height of Mardi Gras had nothing on Fallen Angels’ dressing room. Debauchery abounded. Music blasted, booze flowed freely, and the band lounged across the furniture, girls draped all over them. The floor and walls were lost in the mass of people crammed into the confined space, but I didn’t see the gorgeous singer anywhere.

Aro sat huddled in the corner, talking with a group of suits. I stood to the side, hesitant, wondering if I should approach him, when he looked up. He motioned for me to join him and I wove my way through the undulating bodies that were everywhere. While I snaked around and under a sea of waving arms, my eyes darted the room looking for him. I’d heard the girls chanting for him outside the amphitheater. Edward Masen. They’d given me a name to go with the pretty face and fuckhot voice.

As I approached, I took a good look at him. Dust and sweat covered him from head to toe. His hands were stained red, his shoulders hunched in stiff pain, his eyes had a haunted shadow behind them, beneath were dark purple circles, and his mouth was set in a rigid line. I longed to ease his burdens.

"Dr. Cullen?" I spoke softly to gain his attention, knowing his mind was deep in his work. "Dr. Cullen?"

He raised his eyes slowly to my face. It took several moments for his focus to recognize me. "It's time to take a break," I murmured. "All the other doctors have taken their breaks; it's your turn now."

His response was automatic and monotone, "Soon."

"No, you must take your rest now," I responded, more forcefully.

"I'm nearly done, Bella. I said I'll take it soon."

"And I said now." I would not back down. "If you exhaust yourself any further you'll be of no use to anyone." Softening my voice, I added, "Come away now, Edward. Come away with me."

The tone of my voice and the words I used must have resonated with him. The fog of death slowly lifted its veil from before his eyes and he was able to come back to himself. He nodded slightly and then closed up the gaping wound before him.

I gently guided him to the curtained area we used to clean-up after surgery. I realized that Edward could no longer close his hands into fists, his fingers long stiff from overuse. I lovingly and gently massaged his palms and fingers before scrubbing and rinsing them off. Once I patted them dry, I placed soft kisses on the back of each of his hands as I cradled them in my own. As I looked up into his eyes, I knew he could see the love I held for him in their depths.

He placed his forehead to mine and whispered, "Me, too."

Beyond the curtain the sound of explosions continued to drone on, as the vibrations of mortar shells pulsed beneath our feet. Though the war would rage on for another year, we steadfastly refused to let it penetrate the haven we found in our love for each other.



I never imagined it would be this easy to score more of my beloved Mellow Yellow. Forks Hospital was beyond deserted. I had the bottles tucked neatly into the pockets of my coat. As I was walking down the hallway, I heard a door open and giggling paired with a deep voice that I knew as well as my own. I ducked out of the way as Emmett and that hot nurse Rosalie were adjusting their clothes after exiting a supply closet.

I watched as the clandestine lovers wrapped around each other for an incredibly passionate kiss. Was it wrong of me to be getting turned on by what I was seeing? My brother grabbed Rosalie’s butt cheeks and she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as they headed back to the closet again.

“Rosalie. I can’t get enough of you,” Emmett said between kisses.

“Emmett, shut the hell up and do me again.” It was like they were super glued together or something. I saw his hand go under her skirt before they got the closet door shut. A bright red thong. I wouldn’t expect anything less of Rosalie. I almost laughed aloud.

Once they were shut away and going at it like rabbits, I headed out to my car and back to the soothing warmth of my bed. I tossed back my M.Y.’s and closed my eyes with thoughts of hot chocolate-filled eyes and beautiful brown hair.


Well I hope you enjoyed these amazing teasers...I wish you all a great week.  Happy Reading!



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