Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Twigasm NICU

In the NICU this week is “If I Could See You Again“ by AtHomeJo.   This little gem of a story stole my heart from the very beginning.  I love a well researched period piece.  This story is set in WWII.  Bella volunteers as a nurse and eventually heads to North Africa to aid in Operation Torch, where she meets Dr. Edward Cullen and she is swept off her feet.  At Home Jo is able to capture the grace and humility of the character with all of her words.  The chapters are well written and not overly wordy.  I was so desperate for Bella and Edward to remain safe and together as their word was in a state of tumult.  Another real treat to this is story is the way AtHomeJo works in some of the original lines from the movie and book.The ending to this 7 chapter story takes your breath away. So spend a little bit of your day reading this lovely piece of art.
Here is an excerpt of when Bella first lays eyes on Edward:

"Yes Sir. I'm Isabella Swan, Bella. I'm with the 48th and have been assigned here for the foreseeable future," I answered shyly, my face feeling the effects of my blush. I tucked an errant mahogany lock behind my ear that had escaped its place in my bun. I must have looked a sight.

"How fortunate for us, Bella," he replied softly. I took in his six-foot-three frame, and his unusual bronze colored hair. Looking into his warm green eyes, I had to agree. It certainly wouldn't be a chore to work with this Adonis. While I wasn't typically boy crazy, nor was I known to fall all over myself around doctors, something about this man intrigued me.


Thank you so much for reviewing my story! I enjoyed every minute of researching and writing If I Could See You Again. Your words mean so much to me! ~ Jo


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