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Less Known Fic...

A story about growing up, finding friendships that last a lifetime,and finding yourself up loves creek without a paddle.

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Orphaned at the age 11 , Bella Swan was raised by her older brother Emmett. Being left alone most of time she had to learn to become a strong, independent, intelligent young woman. Maintaining a 4.0 GPA is her only hope to leave this dismal little town.
Edward Cullen is a pretentious, rich, man whoring, asshole. All the girl's want to be with him and all the guy's want to be him. Daddy Cullen's money has always gotten Edward anything and everything he's ever wanted, but at what price? His father has his whole future mapped out. Edward will  go to law school and make the Cullen family name even more prestigious . All Edward wants is to get out of his oppressive life and this dismal little town.
Bella Swan hates Edward Cullen! This is a fact that has been true since they have been little kids. They have one thing in common, the same best friend. Jasper Whitlock ,is always there to try diffuse the heated battles that go on between his two best friends.....
Jasper grabs Bella around the waist to hold her back. For such a small girl, holding her back from hurting Edward was hard work. Jasper was almost tempted to let her go just to see if she could bring Edward down. Something told Jasper Bella could give him the beat down of his life.

....but what lie's under all this hatred and hostility they share is raw UST. Oooo baby is the tension thick in this story, and so much fun to read.

Edward Cullen took that Strawberry ice pop from her, looked at Bella's body like it was a buffet he was dying to eat and then he took the ice cold, melting goodness and ran the tip of it from her ankle to the top of her thigh. It was so cold and felt so good on her heated skin. But then all she could do was watch in wonder as Edward, the boy she hated, the boy she wanted to mount and make her come until she saw stars, leaned down, his tongue coming out from behind those soft full lips and he licked the trail left behind by the sugary treat. From ankle to thigh........
The witty, snarky banter these to share is enough to make you laugh out loud. For a while they are clueless to the underlying feeling they share, but slowly they start to figure out there may be more between them then raw unadulterated hate. But, this doesn't fit into Daddy Cullen's plan for Edward. Believing Bella will only serve to derail all the hard work he's put into his son and protege . He decides to take matters into his own hand's. Daddy Cullen sets a plan in motion to take care of the problem once and for all. He invites a old family friend's daughter "Kat"over for the summer. Knowing that Edward and Kat share a past he hopes Edwards attentions will be on her instead of Bella. Angered because of his fathers manipulative ways Edward informs Kat that there can't be anything between them because he has a girlfriend. Kat always gets what she wants, and she wants Edward Cullen. No girlfriend will deter her. With Kat's entrance into the story what trouble awaits the already shaky relationship between Bella and Edward?

One thing was sure.. this was shaping up to be an interesting game. And Kat was nothing if not an enthusiastic player.

LondonGoth has promised us the full gamut with this story. Love, hate, humor ,angst . So far she has delivered just that. This "Less Known Fic" is sitting at a disheartening 63 reviews. This story is so well written, and I became engrossed into it immediately. It deserves so many more reviews. So settle down and read LondonGoth's "Up Love's Creek", it really is worth your time. Please leave her some love and  reviews.

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