Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Twigasm closes the curtain on Fandom Bullying Cont.

Alright this is the second post for this cause that we are going to post after this post there wont be anymore posts this week.  Please comment on these! This one is from one of the admin here at The Twigasm, Dominatall. 

Bullying= a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.
This is an unfortunate term that has made an ugly appearance in this fandom.  It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last time something like this comes up. Most of the time the term bully is associated with kids, but the truth is that adult are just as capable as kids. Sometimes as adults we stick other terms on our actions to make it not seem as dramatic as bullying. The fact of the matter is when you treat someone with disrespect, when you badger, or intimidate someone YOU ARE A BULLY.  I can say with almost 100% certainty that we are all in this fandom for recreation and fun. We all have a mutual love for the Characters that Stephanie Meyers has created. We come together to express our own creative expertise by writing, or making banners or, blinkies, or some of us just like to read the good stuff you write. You’re not here to be lied to, or gossiped about, or to have your feelings stepped on. Shame on any of you that think this behavior is acceptable. Most of you have children, is this example you want to set for them? They may never know what goes on your computer during your private time, but you do. Think about how you would react if you found out they were bullying another child. You would step in and stop it. You would correct the behavior. Well consider this your wake up call. We’re here to have fun, to laugh, to make new friends and to read some f#ck awesome lemons. Please leave your hatefulness out of the fandom. If you have a problem with someone, then address them personally and privately.Take care of whatever differences you have like an adult. AND FOR GODS SAKE!!!! Please quit reporting people to Facebook for revenge purposes. When that persons account is shut down it doesn’t just effect them, it effects all the people on their friends list too. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but if it does stop and examine why that is. Does it hit to close to home? Okay that is all. Play nice ladies! Now Go Forth and Read Lemons….


Sounds good to me!! Play nice, or don't play at all...

Totally agree with you Dom, you know that lol Love the way you put this into words. Great post babe!!!

Hi Dom,
Those bullying bastards..
..The nerve of some ;)
It wasn't me ?
Was it?
Like sometimes you say things and they may be intrepreted nastily...
Tell me if you think it is...
That'd be muchly appreciated.

Thank you Ladies,
I believe most bullying is happening now is with kids. Mostly teen-agers. We as adults are the one's setting the example for them. If we can't behave ourselves, then how can we expect them to. I have not been bullied personally online, but I have in in real life as an adult. Unfortunatly when I wouldn't give in to this bully, she actually sent her teen agers after me. Nasty phone calls, death threats, they even went as far as to call the dog pound on me(with a made up story). Anything to make my life hell. Yes I called the police. They stopped after awhile but the damage was done. Its been 3 years and I have no RL friends and I rarely leave the house.I trust no one. My family say's I have changed. They say I'm now moody and mean. I spend all my free time reading and on FB. Online is the only way for me to make friends. I thought I was safer here and nobody could hurt me behind the saftey of my computer. I guess I was wrong. It is possible, so I am happy to help stop it before myself or anyone else gets hurt.

@ trish
how revealing of you dear.
called the dog pound on you too?
funny that. Coz i had to retrieve my pooch from the DP a couple of weeks ago...yer funny indeed....
that and a other couple of things you've written, strange?
strange indeed, yes indeedy.


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