Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Less Known Fic (9/21/11)

Hey everyone...its been a few days I know, but rl and some of the staff being sick has kind of put us back a few days, but here we are with today's Less Known Fic Rec.


"Its like I'm the bullet in a gun. One pull of the trigger and it could mean the end of someone's life..." Can Edward help save Isabella from her self-destructive behaviors or will he just push her closer to the edge? AH/OOC B/E - Rated M

Jenn does an extraordinary job in showing real life issues with fanfic characters. She has in-depth, intense and relevant takes of harsh situations. When you read that a fic is rated M, nowadays, most assume it’s filled with lemons and all kind of citrus. In this case, it’s not. You do have the occasional lemon, but it serves the plot and not the other way around. Prepare to be shocked and sucked in a tale that won’t leave you untouched. Jenn’s Bella calls to you and makes you want to be in Edward’s shoes to DO something about her. SM’s Bella is Edward’s Cantante... This Bella is a Cantante to me.

~Hope Hannigan~


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