Monday, September 12, 2011

Classic Fic Rec Monday

BxE All Human. She is a college student and reluctant dancer, trying to move on. He is a rebel, a new quarterback with a troubled past. Two unlikely people are brought together, but trials of the present and the darkness of their past may tear them apart.

 After being expelled from the University of Maryland, Edward is getting his last chance at playing college football as quarterback for the University of Washington. The only problem is that Edward is going to be “babysat” by his new roommate and team mate, Emmett McCarthy. The only rule Emmett has for Edward is to stay away from Bella.

Bella Swan and her friends/roommates, Rosalie and Alice, are members of the University of Washington Dance Team. Unlike most girls, Bella is only on the dance team because of her scholarship. However, dancing provides Bella with a way to escape from the outside world and her dark past.

When Bella and Edward first meet, things did not go so well.
My anger over the entire situation was still humming through me, so I simply nodded instead of speaking and pushed the door open roughly. I let out a curse as the door slammed into something and bounced back to hit my head. I peered around the door to see a short brunette sitting on the floor where she obviously fell. She was looking up at me in shock and holding her hand over her hip. I took a moment to appreciate her attributes: long brown hair pulled back from her face, large matching brown eyes, pale skin, decent rack. It was easy to see she was small but toned due to the lack of cloth covering her body. She was wearing some sort of blue sports bra and matching spandex pants. Nice.
All positive thoughts of her flew out of my head when I saw the purple and silver pom poms spilling out of her bag. A cheerleader….fucking great. Not many other things annoyed me more than giggling, air-brained, bouncy blow-up dolls. I learned real quick from the last college I attended that they were nothing but perks for the athletic team, and once their welcome wore out they were useless. My eyes narrowed down at her. "Try not to walk next to closed fucking doors." I spit out the profanity, watching her face blanch in surprise. I didn't wait for her poor little mind to try to come up with a response. I took a giant step over her prone form and started walking to the double doors leading out of the building. A small voice teemed in indignation called out behind me. "Maybe you should try getting a life, creep!" I ignored her outburst, my mind was already on the field, and I followed the stadium lights shining brightly in the night air.

When Bella finds out that Edward is the new roommate at the house, she is willing to look beyond their rocky beginning and begin on a clean slate and try to avoid each other at all costs. Their agreement doesn’t last for long and Bella and Edward find themselves drawn to each other. Both, Bella and Edward, have pasts that are dark and have left damaging scars on their hearts. Will Bella and Edward be able to bring down the protective walls they have built around themselves to let the other in?

“Learn You Inside Out” is one amazing read. I enjoyed reading this story immensely. Be prepared, you will need tissues while reading. You will need them when Bella and Edward reveal their past stories to each other. This is a definite must read classic!



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