Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekly Fic Rec. Lady Ali's Fic of the Week

Hey everyone, well I have a new story to tell you all about. I just started it yesterday but couldn’t stop and got completely caught up in no time. This little amazing story is writen by bornonhalloween a talented writer that has me on the edge of my seat and I can’t walk away from my computer.

What she does is simply posts every day, just a little tid bit not long at all actually. Usually just a few paragraphs mainly. But her writing makes me want more and more of IT Edward and the Princess Bella.

I retreat to the shower for a well-deserved study break. I stroke my slick shaft as Isabella's imagery replays: millionaire master tickling, teasing, then denying the high society beauty her orgasm after all.
One hand pulls my balls, the other speeds its motion up, down, around. Loving wife serving naked as a foot stool for 4th quarter, then spanked for burning popcorn. Eager blowjobs, enthusiastic swallowing.
My release comes quickly and powerfully. I grab a PB&J and some milk, and return to my entertainment.
Story Four. Happily Ever After.
Milk crashes to the floor as I realize what I'm about to read.

That is just one of the posts by this amazing writer. See what I mean keeps you wanting more.

This story is a BDSM story and I absolutely love it. This story is my featured fic of the week. I hope you all check it out and get to know IT Edward and Princess Bella. Trust me you will be hooked.



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