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Weekly Fic Rec.

Hey everyone, its me again.  Are you ready for another amazing fic rec.  I hope you are because we have a new one for you right now hehe.  So sit back, relax, get you a drink and read on.

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Where Love Began

Butterfly Betty
WIP Not Complete Yet...
She thought he was everything; He thought she hung the moon. Now, Bella and Edward face their toughest challenge in a race against time. Will love be enough? AH&MA Cannon Pairings.

When I got the alert for this story, the first thought that went through my mind is the same one that goes through it on every alert I get from butterflybetty – Where the hell does she find the time? I think the truly amazing thing about butterflybetty and her copious amounts of WIPs and completed stories is that no matter how many there are, each one is simply outstanding! Where Love Began is yet another slice of awesomeness.

The story opens with Bella storming out of the house to go to work, after having a fight with Edward that did not end well. Like every real marriage, theirs isn’t all sunshine and roses. Unfortunately, as the day (and story) progresses, Bella and Edward, as well as the many readers of this story, learn that even in the worst of fights, it’s better to try to work things out than to leave angry words as the last ones said.

Bella is an elementary school teacher. She arrives at school and is just getting her class settled for the day when an armed gunman burst into her classroom, demanding Bella return his son. It is all a mix-up – the child had attended a different school and a different teacher was involved in his removal from the home, but the gunman, Phil Dwyer, still continues to demand his son be returned before he will release Bella, her TA Angela, and the children in her class. In the midst of protecting her students, Bella is physically beaten and threatened with a gun to her head.

Edward is a local police officer and he and Jasper, his partner and friend, are on the scene at the school, trying to resolve the situation. As the situation escalates, so does Edward’s concern and he struggles to maintain his objectivity in the face of his wife’s life being in danger. He speaks with the teacher over why the child was removed and discovers that Phil had been physically abusing the child. We also see, in the classroom, Phil making statements that can only lead us to believe that the child’s mother is dead, most likely at Phil’s hand.

Bella and Edward’s courtship is also told throughout the story, woven in with a series of flashbacks, and we are shown the disparity in the way they were raised. Edward’s family is wealthy and doesn’t accept the relationship; while Bella is an orphan who has worked hard to make her own way. Through the flashbacks we are given the depth of the relationship between the two, and it only makes me even more hopeful that all will be resolved and we will have a HEA.

This story is action-packed and I’ve been kept on the edge of my seat with each update. With only 12 chapters posted thus far, there’s still plenty more action and anxiety to go, but I can’t wait. Butterflybetty has woven an amazing story that will certainly hold your interest and make your heart race in anticipation and even a bit of dread over what will happen next. But, please be patient with her—with several Twilight WIPS and a few original fics underway, she has a lot of writing to do. She gets to them all and they are worth the wait!




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