Sunday, June 12, 2011

Junes Topic of The Month

Hey everyone, Time to tell you all the Topic of The Month here on The Twigasm.  For the month of June we are going to talk about stories with 'Bella in University'.  So if you know any of these stories please let us know about them.  Don't forget to leave us the link so we can check it out. 

So our rec for this months topic is a newer story called Words with Friends by Nolebucgrl.  Lets see what Verucasin has to say about this story.  

Words With Friends by Nolebucgrl

Bella learned that Edward, the movie star, is addicted to the game Words With Friends. She decided to take a chance and play against someone who she thinks is Edward Cullen.
As they exchange words, Bella becomes bold and daring, and says things she wouldn’t normally say. Skeletor17, the screen name of the person she was playing with, also doesn’t hold back. The last chapter revealed that Skeletor17 is Edward. Cullen maybe? We hope so.
The story is only eight chapters in, but it is really engaging.

So make sure you check out this story and let us know your fav ' Bella in University' stories. 



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