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Must Read Classic Fic Rec (5/30/11)

Hey everyone, here we go another one of those Classic Fics that you just can't forget.  This one is brought to you by our amazing taylowendy.  So here you go, sit back, relax and read this amazing rec.  Make sure you head over after you read this and either read the story again or for the first time.  And don't forget the love for the writer as well.  Then let us know what you thought of the story.

 Charlie insists Bella go camping with the Cullens in order to acclimate herself with the great outdoors. After all, the Cullens are practically revered in town for their family camping trips, so they must know what they're doing, right? *Post Eclipse. Complete
Rated/Genre:         T - Humor/Romance
Characters:         Edward & Bella

This week classic recommendation comes with a warning. Be prepared to laugh until you cry. The “Cullen Family Camping Trip” by LeesaM is beautifully written and filled with laughter.

The story begins when Bella and Edward are finally able to enjoy some peace and quiet after the having to deal with the Newborns and Victoria. The peace is disturbed when Charlie informs Bella that he has made arrangements with Carlisle for her to stay with the Cullens for the weekend. However, what Charlie doesn’t know is that the Cullens were planning on going camping.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. What's going on? Where, exactly, are we all going to be this weekend?" I hissed. I should have been more suspicious - Edward hadn't been so smug because he thought Charlie was overlooking something. It'd been because I was the one missing something - something he found to be completely amusing. Crap.

Edward just continued to laugh, the expression on my face only making it worse.

"Tell me, right now! What is going on, Edward?" I urged, starting to panic. Edward reached out, smoothing my hair, trying to calm me. My heart was crashing through my chest, suddenly terrified at the possibilities - an entire weekend in the city shopping? A slumber party marathon of some sort?
Becoming a life-size Barbie for Alice, running from store to store, fashion show included? Images of snapping curling irons swam menacingly through my mind, clouding my thoughts; I could feel my eyes glazing over.

"Bella, please...calm down. It's really not that bad," Edward whispered, running his hands down my back. "Everything's going to be fine. You'll see - we're going to have so much fun. We're going camping, love," he added, as if as an afterthought.

Let me just say, when the Cullens go camping… they go camping in style. Alice makes sure they come prepared for everything and comfort is never an issue.

There were tents all around me. Carlisle and Esme were on the far side of the campground, relaxing in chairs set out in front of their tent, as if they'd been done for hours, each reading a book. There was even some sort of carpet on the ground underneath their chairs.

Emmett and Rosalie were to the right of us, their site complete as well. Emmett was sitting on a beanbag of sorts, playing his Nintendo DS, and Rosalie was flipping listlessly through a fashion magazine. Their tent had a huge orange and white flag streaming from the front of it, with a big "T" on it in, presumably representing Emmett's favorite Tennessee football team.

My disbelieving gaze turned to the left, where I was simply stunned into further silence. Alice and Jasper's side of the campground was by far the largest, apparently with good reason. There were four separate tents there. The first was a rich magenta color, and had a sign above the entrance which read, 'Wardrobe,' and had glittery silver stars surrounding the letters. The second, a deep blue, held a similar sign that read 'Dressing Room.' The third, a sparkling emerald green, had a different sign above it - it was much larger, and read, 'Alice & Jasper's House,' and had tiny hearts drawn all around their names. Jasper was lying in front of this particular tent, looking very comfortable on what appeared to be dozens of oversized pillows, in various shades that coordinated with the other tents. Alice was currently pushing a rack of clothes into the tent labeled 'Wardrobe.' The fourth tent, a simple white, was labeled 'Bella's Kitchen,' with little apples drawn around it.

Needless to say, this is just a sample of some of the accommodations that Bella will encounter while camping with the Cullens. Alice may have the housing taken care of, but Emmett is in charge of the hilarity. While they are camping Emmett decides to adopt a family of snails and make their home in Rosalie’s cashmere sweater, provides the morning wake up call via “Good Morning Vietman” style, collects salamanders and leave them in his jacket pockets for Rosalie to find, stores a field mouse in his shirt pocket, and much more.

As you can tell this is a story you want to read. It is a quick and enjoyable read that is loaded with laughter for the moment you start reading. If you have ever been curious of how the Cullens go camping, you need to read the “Cullen Family Camping Trip” by LeesaM. If you even enjoy this one, LeesaM has even done a sequel called, “Cullen Family Camping Trip II: Back to the Woods”. Both stories are enjoyable and hilarious.

Just be prepared for loads of laughter… Enjoy!

-- taylowendy



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