Monday, May 16, 2011

A Fic You Can't Walk Away From...


Okay so here is another amazing fic rec brought to you by our made me cry, laugh or can't walk away fic guru :) Dominatalls Fanfiction.

Fic's you can't walk away from. You know the one's. You tell yourself your only going to read for a couple hours. Then a couple hours later you tell yourself just one more chapter and then some drama unfolds and you can't possibly go to bed until it has resolved itself. Once it's revolved you're all to happy and willing to go on reading the happy fluffy stuff and next thing you know it 5 am and you haven't been to bed yet and you have to be up in an hour for work. Your eye's are burning and your tired as hell, but you have a smile on your face and an awesome Fic running through your mind all day. It's those stories that stay with you forever, the hidden gem's, the perfection. Which brings us to this weeks Fic you can't walk away from. Little Cat's "Unplanned Perfection". Although she has copious amounts of reviews there still may be some of you out there that haven't read this yet. With only the Epilogue left to post this is a must read for all you out there. Especially you ladies who only read completed fic's.

Alice's big brother Edward has had his heart set on her best friend Bella since they have been little kids. Alice has made it clear to Edward that Bella is off limits. She will not take a chance of losing her best friend in Edwards womanizing wake.

For years Bella Swan has silently loved her best friends brother. She’s watched as he’s turned into Fork's High school’s number one ladies man and philander . The night before they go away for college, a very drunk Bella and Edward give in to what they have been resisting for years. Unfortunately it turns out not to be what either had expected and they part ways . Edward leaves Bella with something that he and the other Cullens will not find out about for 3 years.

Bella is a young girl who was left with some hard choices to make and she does the best she can for her and her family.

Three years later when Edward returns to Forks he realizes what he has done and the mess he has left behind. With much remorse he strides to be a better man , to win her heart and be the man Bella deserves. Lurking in shadows trouble waits a every turn. Will they be able to over come it to have the future they have always dreamed of.

This is a roll coaster ride of emotions. Love, betrayal, anger, fear, and learning to trust again. With lots of lemony goodness it's sure to be a fic you won't forget for a long time to come. Show Little Cat some love and read “Unplanned Perfection”.


I love this story..I been following it like for 2 months now :)

I LOVE THIS STORY !! This Edward how much he loved her all them years , that just broke my heart that he didn't think he was good enough for her or his sister. But there love is so beautiful with little charlie. just love it.

Heart this story! Followed it from the beginning. Great angst turn happily ever after. Couldn't get enough. I was sad when it ended.


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