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Guest Post: The Magic of the Serialized Novel by author Drew Leiter

So today I have a great guest post to share with you from author Drew Leiter, he is the author of a serialized novel that is released out bits a time.  I'm very excited to share this with you because later today I will be posting my review of the first two issues.   Enjoy!!!

Have you ever wished you had magical powers?  When I was a boy I dreamed of having magical powers all the time.  I would turn invisible to sneak out of class.  I would have super strength on the playground to stop the school bully from picking on the kids.  I would fly through the sky so I could quickly get to my destination.  I would run with super speed so I could beat the other kids in races.  I would use my powers of telepathy to find out if the blond girl who sat next to me in class liked me.

            When I was in second grade, I learned I had a talent for writing.  I could put all these daydreams down on paper in the form of words and draw pictures to go with them.  Although, I discovered I had a  knack for writing, my illustrations, on the other hand, had much to be desired.  These short stories had a tendency to follow the same characters in ongoing adventures.   Even though I didn't realize it at the time, it was my first experience writing serialized fiction.
            A serialized novel is much like a ongoing television series.  Characters come back week after week to work out some sort of problem, solve a mystery, or have an adventure together.  Sometimes these stories are self contained, but mostly they are part of a story arc, where the story is told over several episodes or issues.  These story arcs usually have a cliff hanger or mystery at the end of each episode with the last episode tying up most loose ends.
            I write serialized novels for several reasons.  The first and foremost reason is that I love cliffhanger endings.  It's brings me great excitement to leave the reader wanting more.  With a regular novel the reader is able to delve right into the next chapter.  But with the serialized novel, the reader has to wait a day, week, or more for the next installment.  This builds anticipation and excitement.  It gives the reader something to look forward to.
            Another reason I like the serialized novel is that it breaks the story down into easy to read installments.  You don't have to be intimidated by a big, thick paperback.  I know people who will look at a thick book and state they don't have time to read something that big.  They never pick it up.  But with a serialized novel its easy to fit a fifteen to thirty minute read into your day.
            With a regular novel there is usually one main character, but with a serialized novel you can actually change the focus to a different main character when you start a new story arc.  The benefit of the serialized novel is that you can have many different story arcs over the course of the series.
            One of the unique things I am doing with my serialized novel, The Chameleon Chronicles Weekly, is that it features a digital sketch card cover illustrated by a different artist each week.  Unlike novels in which you stare at the same cover every time you pick it up, the serialized novel allows for a different cover every issue.  Plus, I feature an interview with the illustrator at the end of the Issue.
            Whether your a day dreamer like me or just looking for an escape from the real world, I suggest you try a serialized novel next time you are looking for something to read.  You might be surprised with what you find.  

 This serialized novel comes out in seveal weekly installments.  Also there will be a volume 1 being released soon.  Right now was have Issue 1 and 2 for review.

Issue 1: Andrew Webbur's journey of fate begins when he is confronted by his long time nemesis, Jason Vanzant. Jason accuses Andrew of stealing his girlfriend and confronts him with violent repercussions.

Mr. Spieker, the principal of Calumet Bay High, also seems to be on the warpath with Andrew in his sights. Neither Mr. Spieker nor Jason Vanzant compare to the butterflies in Andrew's stomach as he wrestles with his feelings for Bethany Mogg.

Author Bio:

Drew Leiter grew up in Milford, Indiana, where the stories of his imagination were legend in his neighborhood. He could often be found battling deadly foes, saving a beautiful princess with a sword, or flying dangerous missions over enemy lines.

  When he was in second grade, Drew discovered he had a natural talent for writing.  He would write and illustrate stories, which he would read to his second grade class.  His love of writing followed him into adulthood.

     At present, Drew resides in Indianapolis with his wife and four boys.  Besides spending time writing, Drew loves hiking, reading, watching his boys play sports,and just spending time with his family.  He also loves listening to music and viewing his favorite movies and television shows, which usually inspire him to keep writing.

Thank you so much Drew for stopping by and sharing this great guest post with us.  I hope you all will stop by later today and read all about his books from our review! 



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