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Teaser Tuesday...sorry its wed.

I had to rework this post for some reason it didn't post when I set it up to post last night, so here I am posting Teaser Tuesday on Wednesday.  Sorry! 
But anyway, here you go get ready to be teased :) 


Chapter 37 of Parachute by KitsuShel

Bella gazed out of her kitchen window, seeking serenity in the large expanse of lush, verdant grass. There was a large treehouse, which looked more like a small cottage, nestled low in an enormous tree, close to the middle of the the yard. She felt the heat of a glare upon her back and took a deep breath before turning around.

Glittering green eyes met hers angrily, causing her to sigh.

“What now?” she asked tiredly.

“Why can’t Riley and Garrett spend the weekend? It’s not fair, Mom. I never asked to move to this stupid place!”

Bella rubbed her temples, the onset of a headache quickly attacking her temples.

“Jack, baby, we’ve already gone over this. Your dad is out of town for work and I just don’t have the energy to deal with all three of you this weekend. And knock it off about the house. You know you love it and it's not that far away from our old one.”


Chapter 1 of Rabbit Heart by KitsuShel
(A new fic that is going to be posted on the 18th of this month) 

"Do you have family in Forks, dear?"
She shook her head slowly. "Not really, no. I grew up there, but moved after my father was killed."
Harry looked directly at Bella in the rear view mirror, his eyes searching her face for any recognition. Her heart started to pound when his face lit up. She was convinced that her charade was up when the man spoke.
"Bella Swan, is that you?" he asked with awe in his tone.
She blinked in surprised. "Yes?" she answered, sound more like a question than a response.
The older man smiled and nodded. "You probably don't remember me, but Charlie was a good friend of mine. The entire town mourned when he passed."
She lowered her gaze, tears stinging her eyes and murmured her thanks.  


“Here you go,” Maria announced. She poured us each a glass of sangria, while Edward plated up some of the sandwiches.

“So what brings you here, Edward?” Maria asked. “Not that I mind you stopping by, but your call was a bit unexpected.”

“Well, were on a bit of an adventure this summer. Bella’s family wants to do a bit of historical research, so we’re here to see if your father might have some documents that might help us.”

I stiffened at Edward’s admission, as I was surprised Edward had mentioned our side project for the summer. I knew Carlisle was apprehensive of people knowing about his family’s lineage, and I was sure he briefed Edward on his concerns. I gave a quick sideways glance towards Edward in the hopes he would see my concerned look and cocked brow.

Edward did notice my not so subtle look, and placed his and on top of mine as a gesture of reassurance before he spoke. “Oh…it’s okay, Bella. Carlisle and I spoke this morning and he gave me permission to talk to Maria and her family about this. William, Maria’s dad is quite the pack rat when it comes to Caribbean history.” Maria snorted out a laugh and mumbled that he was indeed a pack rat. “Maria and her family have been friends of mine for years.”

“That’s right,” Maria interrupted. “Edward was the best man at my pseudo-wedding and Emmett officiated it.”

“Emmett married you to your husband?” I asked. However, before she could answer, I realized what she said and looked pleadingly at Edward. “Wait…pseudo wedding? What’s a pseudo wedding?”

Both Edward and Maria laughed at my confusion. “No, Bella,” Edward chuckled. “Emmett can’t legally marry anyone…thank god! Maria and her… pseudo wife aren’t married. Florida doesn’t allow same sex marriages.”

“Yeah, Florida is run by a bunch of sexually repressed, Neanderthals,” Maria spat as she shook her head in disgust.

My eyes widened, as I finally understood. I couldn’t help the relief I felt that Maria was probably more interested in me than Edward.

“Maria and her partner, Lucy, asked Emmett and I to host their pseudo marriage cruise a few years back. Rose was Lucy’s maiden of honor, and I was Maria’s best man. Emmett mock officiated. Actually, it was quite a lovely ceremony. Well, until the champagne start flowing and Emmett fell overboard.”

“Oh my god…yes!” Maria exclaimed. “I nearly forgot about that.” Maria started laughing heartily at the memory. I just looked at Edward as I tried to imagine Emmett falling overboard.

“Emmett had taken his clergy impersonation a bit too far,” Edward explained. “After we had finished off a few bottles of champagne, Emmett decided he would try and part the sea like Moses. He leaned over the side of the boat summoning the sea gods to part the ocean and…well…”

“Oh he parted it alright,” Maria added. “His splash parted it real good.” Both Maria and Edward laughed until tears ran down their cheeks. I started laughing too as I pictured big teddy bear Emmett leaning over the boat and then falling in.


Chapter 8 of  Perchance to Dream by NTJB

From "In a Bubble"

When he lowered his head to look at my hand, he took a deep breath, shutting his eyes. Unable to breathe at all, I squeezed. The starched mint-green cotton was like paper in my hands. I wanted to rip it off.

My palms began to sweat, my entire body radiating heat as images of his naked body filled my thoughts. As I recalled, he did fill those tights and jeans quite nicely. He reached up, stroking my fingers with his thumb, up and down, a thumb longer than my middle finger...

"Edward," I whispered, my fingers trembling. Sweat dripped between my breasts and between my thighs. All weekend, my body had been in a state of unyielding arousal. I squeezed my thighs together, remembering the hard cock that I rode on the train this morning. One of the best rides of my life. I felt like shedding all of these clothes off right here imagining Edward was that stranger. And all of the resentment and confusion I had the last week was gone. Everything was crystal clear. This felt so good, so right.

Suddenly, he took my hand off of his bicep, intertwining our fingers. His hand was hot and his palms soft against mine. Our clasped hands up near his shoulder, he leaned into my body, his heart beating hard against me. Frustratingly, he wouldn't bring his hips forward to mine.

"I am afraid," he whispered, his voice thick. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes darkened to a forest green. His breath fanned my face, rich with cigarette smoke and more chocolate. Every breath I took was like breathing hot sex. I could not believe how good it smelled, how much more I wanted when I had always hated the sourness of cigarette smoke.

"Don't be. I'm here. Let it go."


So what did you all think??? Great right? Okay get reading these stories if you haven't yet.  That way you are caught up when these writers post these chapters lol.  Remember when you submit a teaser to us it can only be 500 words.  Thanks so much to the readers that submitted teasers.  They are great can't wait to read.    Hope everyone is having a great week.  Post again soon :) 



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