Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Teaser Tuesday...(or Wed.) Sorry (Feb 2, 2001)

Hey everyone, sorry this wasn't posted last night, but my electric was out due to ice here I am posting it now.  I hope you all will forgive me for this one! But anyway, Here is a teaser for you.... 


Chapter 37 of Parachute by KitsuShel

Bella gazed out of her kitchen window, seeking serenity in the large expanse of lush, verdant grass. There was a large treehouse, which looked more like a small cottage, nestled low in an enormous tree, close to the middle of the the yard. She felt the heat of a glare upon her back and took a deep breath before turning around.

Glittering green eyes met hers angrily, causing her to sigh.

“What now?” she asked tiredly.

“Why can’t Riley and Garrett spend the weekend? It’s not fair, Mom. I never asked to move to this stupid place!”

Bella rubbed her temples, the onset of a headache quickly attacking her temples.

“Jack, baby, we’ve already gone over this. Your dad is out of town for work and I just don’t have the energy to deal with all three of you this weekend. And knock it off about the house. You know you love it and it's not that far away from our old one.”


Okay you all, Hope you all check this story out if you haven't already! Its amazing.  Plus, I will be posting Teaser Tuesdays again... on Tuesday afternoons around 3 PM, (that is as long as its not raining ice and it cuts out my power) so send us those teasers.... :)



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