Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's Owning You....

Hey everyone, the other day I asked you all to let me know some stories that were owning you completely.  Well we got some awesome responses to that question.  We would like to share those responses with you now.  
So here we go...


The first fic has been owning a reader is called Bridges
it is written by Savory.

The reader that it has been owning is:   StartTheFantasy aka Leslie

This is what StartTheFantasy had to say about Bridges...

The references to movies and food in this story is outstanding that once you start reading it you aren't able to stop. Also the love for bridges in South Carolina is truly amazing. Edward and Bella are both these amazing individuals in this story, the love that is written between the two makes you heart just explode with joy.


The next story comes to us by Charmie 
Who says Full Disclosure is owning her.  Full Disclosure is writen by: BettySmith

This is what Charmie had to say about this story:   You know those fics that start off good and slow and then they get you with this beautiful love story that just capture your heart. Well with this story you were given a prologue that showed the future so you knew the couple was in for serious heartbreak. Whenever there is an update I can't help but drop anything just to read it! It's seriously owning me now.


Our next story comes from KeyeCullen and the story that is owning her right now is: I Want It Painted Black writen by SaritaDreaming  

This is what KeyeCullen had to say about I Want It Painted Black...

OME where to begin. Well first of Izzy (Bella) is a complete badass! I mean, she is all black hair, viper bites and a "in your face" attitude. And she meets Edward the vampire. Izzy has had an experience with a bad vamp and when she meets Edward in class, she knows immediately what he is and that throws him for a loop. He is admittedly smitten and she couldn't care less.

But Izzy has a reason for being like she is....she has experienced tragedy in her life and her attitude is her protective mechanism. Edward works on breaking through that barrier and pursues her. Finally he realizes that Izzy is his mate, a fact that he won't share with her because she would run if she knew even though she has a problem with admitting that she loves him.

This story has it all.......suspense, intrigue, love, lemons....and Sarita writes so descriptively that you feel like you can "see" the story as you are reading it.

It, definitely, is worth your time to read this story. Just read the first chapter and I, guarantee, you will be hooked


Thank you so much ladies for letting us know the fics you can't put down.  Hopefully this will help a reader to find something new to read. 
Thanks so much for reading and make sure you let us know What's owning you...



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