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Story Rec/Review... 1/6/2011

Hey everyone, I know its been a while but I have a story that you all will love.  Its called Silence Can Be Defining. 

This story is more real than most stories I've read.  You can feel every emotion that Bella is feeling and you feel her pain.  Its writen by an amazing writer:  missy555 . 

She has only wrote this one story but I would love it if she wrote more and would be one of the ones to read it!

I hope you all will check this one out and if you do let her know you heard about it from our blog.  Okay Okay I'll shut up and let you see what I'm talking about.  Her is a couple clips from the story.

Do you ever just sit back and wonder what you've done with your life for the past 16 years? I do.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan and today is my 17th birthday.

I've never really thought about my previous years enough to be disappointed in the way my life has panned out. I've gotten so used to the bullying that I never really thought there was another way to live my life. I don't stick up for myself and most of the things they say to me I cant really disagree with.

I forgot to mention that I am 190 pounds and the biggest girl in my school, Forks High.

Of course, when they make fun of me it hurts. Why wouldn't it? I had no friends to run to and cry on their shoulder. No body liked me. I was the outcast. Just because I was a couple pant sizes bigger than the rest of them.

The only person I talk to is my dad, Charlie. Oh! And my dog, Cali. I know that probably doesn't seem typical for a 17 year old girl to confide in her dad and her dog, then in her mom. It would probably be easier and less awkward most of the time, but my mom left when I was 4. So that's out of the question. But my dad helps when he can, and when he cant I have my fateful dog to cuddle against my face to make me feel better.

My dad has raised me the best that he can, but unfortunately he thought that the only way to feed me was to drop by McDonald's on the way home from the Police station.

I think you can see where the 190 pounds came from.

I don't eat that stuff much anymore, since when I turned 16, I got a job at Forks Wildlife Center, and demanded that I be the one to take care of meals from then on.

Thankfully he didn't put up much of a fight.

But, unfortunately my metabolism isn't as fast as my dad's so as he lost 20 pounds in a month and a half, I lost 5.

Maybe you can see how disheartening that was since he didn't give a flying fart in space what he looked like, but I was going to school everyday and being called "fat ass" and "Big Belly Bella." Also, constantly being asked to do the truffle shuffle, which by the way, wasn't as a amusing as they made it out to be.

So that's where I stand. 190 pounds, no friends, laughing stalk of the school, and talked to my dog more then anyone in the world.

See what I mean you can feel her pain, you can tell just by this part she is very self conscious over her weight and everyone at school makes her life a living hell.  Think about going through that every day and you might be able to feel her probably wont even come close really.

Once I packed all my things away, I stood up to start walking out, but as I was passing by Mike's desk, he thrust his leg in front of me. I went tumbling down and knocked over a desk in the process. As I was laying there I heard everyone in the room laughing.

"Why don't you watch where your going fat ass? If your not careful, you might start an earthquake next time!" Mike sneered.


I sat up and started gathering my papers that went flying everywhere during my fall. Then of course, the water works.

I really hate crying. Especially over the mean things they say and do. I don't like them to know their getting to me, but in some situations I can't help it. Some things they do are just to cruel to ignore.

"What the fuck is your problem?" I heard someone say. The voice didn't sound familiar. Well that's just awesome. Someone new to make my life a living hell. But when I looked up, the owner of the voice wasn't even looking at me, he was looking, no, I take that back, he was glaring at Mike.

Once I really looked at him, I realized he was the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life. I swear this guy was built by gods or angels.

You know that scene in Hercules where Zeus makes Pegasus out of clouds? Well that is exactly what popped into my mind when I looked at him.

So of course, because he is a beautiful creature on this earth, I know that he had to have been talking to me, even though he seemed to be looking at Mike.

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

He snapped his head over to me and his eyes immediately softened.

"What are you apologizing for? It was this assholes fault you fell."

I just gaped at him. Everything is my fault, always. My existence messes up everything. I've known this. People make it very clear that I'm a walking disaster. So what he just said made absolutely no sense to me. I know that Mike tripped me, but I would never expect him to take the blame. It would all be MY fault.

"Help her pick up her things jackass!" he yelled to Mike.

"Fuck that! Why should I have to? Maybe she should watch where her fat ass is going so she wouldn't have this problem." Mike said.

I just dropped my head and started gathering my things up again.

"Listen man, your new here right?" I heard Mike ask.

"Yeah." the boy answered.

"Then let me give you some advice," Mike started, "Girls like Big Belly over here don't deserve our sympathy. Shes a waste of space. No one talks to her because it would destroy your rep if you did. So trust me, because all shes good for is.. well, shes good for nothing I guess."

At this point the my tears were flowing freely down my face. I knew the boy would take Mike's advice. Hell, if I were him, I'd take Mike's advice too. That is, if I had a rep to destroy anyway.

But what happened next, completely stunned me.

"Oh yeah, I get it," the boy replied nonchalantly. He pivoted his body, like he was getting ready to turn around and leave, but then all the sudden he whirled around and punched Mike right in the jaw. Mike went flying back into his desk. Everyone in the room gasped, including me. When I looked over at the boy, he was shaking his hand, I'm guessing from the force of his punch, and was walking over to where I was crouched on the floor. He started picking up my books and papers and was handing them to me as he went.

As he was doing that, I started observing everything about him. His hair was a dozen different colors. The ones that I could see were gold, bronze, copper, dark brown, and tan. It was unusual but absolutely gorgeous. His eyes were emerald green. It literally looked like someone cut an emerald and stuck it in his eye. He had a very defined jaw, and lips that looked like they were for sinners.

When he handed me my last paper, he looked up and smiled at me. His smile made me feel like I couldn't breath. It was magnificent.

Don't we all picture Edward this way, the knight in shinning armor, the writer of this story gets Edward to a T.  I love this story so much and I know you all will to.  Make sure you all check it out! (the link is above)

Another review will be posted very soon.  Thanks so much for reading.  Let us know what you think. 

~Lady Ali~


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