Friday, January 14, 2011

Important annoucement!!!

hey everyone, I have an annoucement I really want you all to hear.  Actually its a blog that I really want you all to read.  Its about some things that are happening on  I am srsly thinking about taking my stuff down from that site.  So check this out before you all post any thing else on there.


This is a bit dated. The whole Red Button issue came up a few months ago when a FFN group known as the Literate Union (a group that actively seeks out FFN TOS violators and crits and reports them)had a few members using the automated tool to report violating stories. The LU eventually disassociated themselves from the RB tool and then FFN themselves came out with a guideline that prohibits automated review and reporting tools. Still, be aware there are groups on FFN who feel very strongly that none of the FFN TOS should be violated including explicit M rated stories. So, the risk remains that a story could be reported and taken down.

I'm a strong believer in the "if the story is offensive to you, click the little red x at the top right of your screen" method.

I havent felt threatened enough to stop using FF, but I've definately kept my eye on other Twilight fanfic sites just in case I need to move...

The reason I posted this, is mainly b/c i got asked to fix one of my stories and its not any where near as bad as some stories ive read... I think its wrong! I'm tired of watching my fav stories leave b/c of this shit and b/c of people that don't have any other thing in their life to do them to mess with people!


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