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Story Rec/ DiamondHeart78

Well ladies here we are again, its time for our weekly Fic Recs/Reviews.  So its DiamondHeart78's week to do a review, so here we go!!  I hope you all take the time to check out this fic, I know I will be.

This weeks Rec/Review is called Puddle Jumping by 107yearoldvirgin.  

Two days ago, I decided to pick out one of the numerous fics I had bookmarked, and chose Puddle Jumping by 107yearoldvirgin. Now, if you know me, you know I’ve read a hefty load of fics since I joined the Fandom, and anyone who has a fraction of the reading experience that I have knows 107yearoldvrigin. You might have read any of her other fantastic stories like Into the Mystic, Bad News Bella, and my personal favorite, Eight Days a Week. So when I picked this one, I might have been a bit biased as I already knew I’d probably love whatever she was writing. And as always, I was right.

Puddle Jumping is a story that throws convention out the window, especially when you’re talking Edward/Bella love stories. And you know this going in. She tells you, it’s not your typical love story. It’s not. It’s not. And yet, you still swoon.

I'm Isabella Marie Swan. Eighteen years old. Senior. Short in stature. Skinny fat.
Brown hair and eyes. And this is my story.
If you haven't figured it out already, this isn't your run-of-the-mill fairy tale love story.
It's not even a paranormal romance.
I wouldn't even categorize this much of a romance at all.
Because I'm not the kind of person to fall in love.
And neither is the guy I'm head over heels for.

I don’t like to give much away about the story, and I fear if I talk too much here, I will. So allow me to be cryptic.

Her Bella is one of my favorites, but then again, 107yearoldvrigin has a knack for writing great Bellas, all of which are usually spunky and witty, but with a lot of heart, and this is no exception.

Bella tells her story directly to the reader, and you’re immediately sucked in as if you’re talking to her at a Starbucks somewhere. It’s all told in retrospect, where her current predicament finds herself looking back at the entire period of time from when Edward enters her life as children, to high school.

The story begins with a young 10-year-old Bella babysitting a 9-year-old Edward. Don’t ask me why a 10-year-old is babysitting a child merely a year younger than her, but according to the author, this is something she did all the time as a kid. That part was a little weird for me, but I let it slide.

Edward isn’t your typical child, he’s exceptional in every way. Bella understands this immediately, from the moment he saves her life as children.

Because of Bella’s antics (I mean, what do you except? She’s ten), Edward’s mother cuts Bella out of Edward’s life for several years until she visits an arts and crafts festival. Edward is there with his mother, selling his artwork. He’s awkward and a prodigy, and without giving away too much, I’ll let you figure out what his deal is when you read.

Bella is instantly taken by him and she takes it upon herself to help him socialize, falling for him hard in the process.

Luckily, this fic updates almost every day or couple of days, and the pacing is just perfect. Sometimes when I read inner monologue, I find myself skimming when the character gets too wordy. Not here. I love reading every thought that comes from Bella’s mind, and she’s not repetitious at all.

And I have to say, as an art teacher, I come across students like Edward all the time, and they are a complete joy to teach and interact with. We can learn so much from understanding how people like Edward think and how they process emotions, relationships, and words.

Give it a read, I promise you’ll thank me later.

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